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Sioux City Art Center Selects
Main Gallery
August 20 - December 4, 2016
Free Reception:
August 19, 2016
5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Stephanie  Brunia
Oxford, IA

Dana Fritz 
Lincoln, NE

Rick Johns
Vermillion, SD

Sherry Leedy
Kansas City, MO
Guy Loraine
Newton, IA

Daniel Perry
Waterloo, IA

David Sebberson
St. Cloud, MN

Jessica Teckemeyer
Dubuque, IA

Sioux City Art Center Selects is a regional juried exhibition, open to all artists in Iowa, as well artists living within 300 miles of Sioux City. Unlike juried exhibitions put on by the Art Center that ask outside jurors to select individual artworks based on their merits, Sioux City Art Center Selects asked artists to submit a body of work, which were judged internally by the overall quality of the artworks and by the clarity and consistency of the body of work. The Art Center's director and curator have selected eight artists. Each of these artists has presented a cohesive group of artworks for this exhibition. The exhibition, therefore, presents visitors with a better understanding of how artists in our region are thinking and creating right now.
Eight artists from five different states were selected for this exhibition:
Stephanie Brunia (Oxford, IA)
Brunia is a portrait photographer whose works are distinguished by their uncluttered spaces and their heightened sense of compassion. The series selected for this exhibition focuses on her relationship with her father.
Dana Fritz (Lincoln, NE)
Fritz is a professor in the art department at University of Nebraska. Her current series of black-and-white minimalist landscape photographs are produced using traditional darkroom techniques rather than the digital processes now used by most photographers.
Rick Johns (Vermillion, SD)
Johns is a painter whose work is completely non-representational. His spare use of color, lines, and other marks is intended to make viewers aware of and appreciative of things that appear otherwise random or unimportant.
Sherry Leedy (Kansas City, MO)
Leedy creates still life drawings using pastels. She often begins with a special single object or set of objects and then builds increasing amounts of visual complexity around it. Her uses of color give her opaque pastels an unexpected sense of richness and luminance.
Guy Loraine (Newton, IA)
Loraine spent more than five years at work on his Fuller and Grand project. The project began by creating a physical grid under the entire canopy of a large oak tree, and then daily collecting the falling acorn and acorn caps during an entire autumn. From there, he has mapped the entire fall of acorns, counted each collected acorn, and photographed many of them.
Daniel Perry (Waterloo, IA)
Perry teaches sculpture at University of Northern Iowa. His work begins with a basic sculptural form he constructs-often out of wood. From there he adds a variety of shapes, materials, and textures until the completed work satisfies his sense of composition.
David Sebberson (St. Cloud, MN)
Sebberson is chair of the art department at St. Cloud State University. He has spent many years working on a series of paintings titled A History of the Plains. Inspired in part by his childhood in Oakland, Nebraska, these paintings depict rural landscapes, but in a way that moves between representation and abstraction.
Jessica Teckemeyer (Dubuque, IA)
Teckemeyer teaches at Clarke University in Dubuque. Her sculptures depict animals that she often humanizes to have them demonstrate the internal struggles we can have. Several of the sculptures selected for this exhibition present deer struggling to deal with a hidden dark side.
Art Center's ArtSplash
September 3 - 4, 2016
Riverside Park

Chris Ann Abigt
2016 ArtSplash Signature Artist

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