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April 2017
In this issue:
  • Event: IS Auto Europe

  • Event: Embedded Vision Summit

  • Pattern Timelines!
Spring Conferences and New Features

The 2017 Spring conference season is in full effect, and we hope to see you at two exciting events coming up fast!  
We come to Europe April 25-26 sponsoring Image Sensor Automotive in Germany, and the following week you can see us with the MIPI Alliance at the Embedded Vision Summit in California. More information below and we hope to see you there!

Are you an engineer looking to communicate with your devices?  Curious how to create your own patterns and dynamically shift between them in an easy manner? Check out our new guide to learn how Introspect high speed pattern generators can be tailored to meet any application.

Image Sensors Automotive, Europe
In a week's time, Introspect comes to Europe as sponsor to the IS Auto Europe Conference in Dusseldorf, Germany. Join us for a technology-driven conference that brings together companies from across the entire digital imaging supply chain. IS Auto puts technology in a business context as image sensor and automotive manufacturers, together, drive innovation forward.

Visit us to learn about Introspect SerDes test solutions for high-bandwidth cameras. We will be demonstrating our MIPI D-PHY Generator emulating a high-bandwidth camera into an SoC/ISP, recreating real-world test scenarios for Automotive vision applications. MIPI physical and protocol layers enable high-bandwidth cameras to be deployed simultaneously by a single SOC, and Introspect is the technology leader in test solutions for MIPI SerDes.
Embedded Vision Summit 2017

The Embedded Vision Summit continues to grow as the premier conference for learning, networking and collaborating in the area of machine vision applications.  Introspect will be exhibiting as partner with the MIPI Alliance, demonstrating how MIPI physical and protocol layers enable many, high-bandwidth cameras be deployed for machine vision applications.

FPGA-based streaming of D-PHY CSI-2 camera links will be demonstrated at the MIPI/Introspect booth. FPGAs are widely available and are an inexpensive, flexible solution for aggregating many cameras together for input to an SOC all within the MIPI ecosystem.

Join us to learn more about MIPI and Introspect's solutions for vision systems!
Pattern Timelines! Visualize Your Protocol Transfers Using an Intuitive Development Interface
Introspect understands that pattern generation and timing are critical for
  • Training devices in to loopback
  • Protocol-aware testing, and
  • Long-term regression testing 

which is why we've added the new Pattern Timeline feature to streamline this process for all applications.

The new Pattern Timeline API allows data patterns to be constructed as a progression of transmissions over time, with the ability to play, pause and repeat based on high-level commands, internal or external triggers, or device under test response characteristics.

Want to learn more or try this out on your Introspect?  Download the new user guide or contact Introspect directly!