June 30, 2020
Little Things Mean A Lot #55
Ceramic Tile are a class of refractory that are most commonly used for floor or wall coverings but in the last few years, a number of new applications have been developed as forming and firing technology has evolved. Ceramic tiles are classified based on water absorption and intended use in ANSI A137.1. For example, wall tiles usually are allowed a higher water absorption as this reduces weight and helps them adhere to the wall as the setting material cures. Floor tile, on the other hand, are usually required to have a much lower water absorption so that they are stronger and more wear resistant. Ceramic tiles are often glazed for decorative purposes, but the glazed surface can also be quite durable. Like brick, ceramic tile is very durable and has been used in various forms for thousands of years around the world.   See more Little Things on Facebook!
Upcoming Events
PLEASE NOTE: The August Short Course has been canceled.

July 29: 3D Printing Special Shapes from Clay or Shale Webinar

Aug 26: Extrusion, Additives and Rheometry Webinar

Oct 5: NBRC Advisory Board Fall Meeting, Anderson, SC, USA

Oct 6 – 7: 66th Annual Clemson Brick Forum

Oct 25: Thermal Performance Presentation, ACI Conference, Raleigh NC

Nov 4: Capillary Absorption and IRA Webinar

Dec 8 – 10: ASTM C15 Meeting, Orlando, FL, USA

Jan 23 – 27: ASHRAE Conference, Chicago, IL, USA

Did you miss our last webinar?
We presented "Controlling Vanadium Staining" last Wednesday. As a member of NBRC, you can access the recording and presentation on our website: https://brickandtile.org/2020-webinars/