August 2022 Newsletter
What experts are saying are on the current "IT" list for fall
We know, we can hardly believe it either but fall is truly around the corner! It feels like we just ushered in warm weather and beach days but pumpkins and jewel tones are knocking at the door!
These sweet feminine touches can be added really anywhere! Wrap them around your bouquet, tie one around your hairstyle, add a large one to your dress, and details on your shoes! There are so many options!
Colorful decor

When you think of weddings most people go in traditional colors of white, gold, green, and perhaps blush. We are seeing an explosion of couples using colors not only in florals but in attire, linens, rentals, and dining. Truly anywhere you can swap the white for color, try it! It's a great way to add personality to your day and make it more memorable.
Fun Lighting
Couples have been obsessed over this trend for the better part of a year, which means it's likely moving from a trend to a norm! Adding lighting to different areas of your day can help completely change the vibe of the time. Soft, glowy candlelight during a ceremony to bright, colorful dance floors for the reception help move the day along and cue your guests on what they can expect.

Outfit Change

Who said you have to stick to one look on your day? Brides are really getting into being able to show their other side with an outfit change for the second half of their day.

Jumpsuits, rompers, sleeker dresses, the sky is the limit as to what your second look could be!

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John Lennon