Upcoming FlexMLS Updates 

CMA Improvements

Next week, the FlexMLS CMA will have a new look and several improvements. The changes will include:
  • New Design- the new format includes larger text, photos, and maps.
  • New Charts - two new Price Analysis charts are available: List, Sold and Adjusted Prices and Low, Average, Median and High Prices.
  • Automatic PDF - to ensure optimized appearance for printing and emailing, the CMAs will be automatically created as PDF files when possible.
For more details on these changes, please review the CMA Updates guide.

Contact List in Save Search Screen

You will be able to search for existing Contacts when saving a search. This will make selecting a Contact easier by eliminating the need to scroll through a long list in order to find specific Contacts. To review this update, please click this link.

Please contact your respective MLS with any questions. You may also follow our updates at  http://twitter.com/metromls.

Metro MLS members can call the Help Desk at 414-778-5450 or email support@metromls.com.