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Monday, March 23
3:00 PM Eastern

Due to the unprecedented and ongoing economic circumstances caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the NABE Outlook Survey Committee stopped production on the Q1 2020 NABE Outlook forecast report, which had been set for distribution to NABE members today. In an effort to share the latest analysis based on the latest developments, NABE is conducting a webinar with NABE Outlook Survey Analysts, who will discuss the various economic impacts of COVID-19 and answer audience questions.

Speakers and Discussion Topics:

NABE President Constance Hunter, CBE , Chief Economist, KPMG: fiscal response to the pandemic

Jack Kleinhenz, CBE, Chief Economist, National Retail Federation: consumer and retail outlook 

Sara Rutledge, Managing Director of Real Estate Products, StratoDem Analytics, and Ken Simonson, Chief Economist, Associated General Contractors of America: outlooks for real estate and construction

Yelena Shulyatyeva, Senior U.S. Economist, Bloomberg LP: financial markets and the monetary policy response to the pandemic

Mark Finley, Fellow in Energy and Global Oil, Baker Institute Center for Energy Studies: energy sector outlook

Ryan Sweet, Director, Real-Time Economics, Moody’s Analytics: available alongside the other panelists to answer audience questions

Tuesday, March 24
1:00 PM Eastern


Kate Bahn , Director of Labor Market Policy, Washington Center for Equitable Growth

Gary Burtless , Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Martha Gimbel , Manager of Economic Research, Schmidt Futures

Moderator: Diane Lim , Director of Outreach and Senior Advisor, Penn Wharton Budget Model

With businesses, workplaces, and schools suspending or drastically cutting back on operations all over the U.S., many Americans are losing jobs, work hours, and pay. The effects are most severe in the jobs that rely on face-to-face contact and large gatherings, especially in the leisure and hospitality service sectors—places like restaurants and bars, coffee shops, movie theatres, gyms, concert halls, and museums—where when establishments are closed to the public, workers do not work and are not paid. The closing of schools and workplaces also makes it difficult for working parents of young children to be able to continue to work from home. 

In this webinar we will discuss the latest developments in the health and economic crisis and the fiscal policy responses that the Trump Administration and Congress are discussing and developing. Our expert panel will discuss what kinds of fiscal policy responses they see as most effective in reducing the negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic on those workers and industries most adversely affected as well as the economy as a whole. REGISTER HERE

Wednesday, March 25
2:00 PM Eastern


Ed Barriball , Partner, McKinsey & Company

Mark Killion , Director, U.S. Industries, Oxford Economics

John Mothersole , Director - Research, Pricing, and Purchasing, IHS Markit

Moderator:  Ellen Hughes-Cromwick, CBE , Senior Resident Fellow for Climate and Energy Program, Third Way

The outbreak late last year of COVID-19 threatened to upend tightly integrated global supply chains. More recently, its accelerating spread has precipitated a far broader economic and financial crisis. Join a panel of industry and supply chain experts as the NABE Manufacturing Roundtable hosts a webinar looking at the latest thinking on COVID-19’s implications for the manufacturing sector.    REGISTER HERE

Oil and gas price evolution with refinery power station and stock market business graph
Tuesday, March 31
2:00 PM Eastern


Ed Morse , Managing Director, Global Head of Commodity Research, Citigroup

Amy Jaffe , Senior Fellow for Energy and the Environment and Director of the Program on Energy Security and Climate Change, Council on Foreign Relations

Moderator:  Marianne Kah , Senior Research Scholar, Columbia University's Center on Global Energy Policy; NABE Energy Roundtable Co-Chair

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has already had a large impact on the global oil market, reducing oil demand in China and continuing to reduce global oil demand through lower economic growth. U.S. West Texas Intermediate oil prices were $63 per barrel at the beginning of January 2020 and have already fallen rapidly as oil producers initiated a price war to defend market share at risk. 

This webinar will address the possible scenarios of coronavirus diffusion and recovery, and the impact they would have on oil markets. What will be the impact on global oil demand, and how will U.S. and OPEC oil producers react? The webinar will also address how the coronavirus could impact long-term trends in oil demand, moving the world closer to peak oil demand.  REGISTER HERE

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