Upcoming Social Science PD & Events
We've talked extensively about Culturally Responsive and Sustaining pedagogy, here's an opportunity to learn what it means for you as an educator from a leading expert in the field! 

Dr. Romero, who's profound 10-year commitment to developing and offering curriculum inclusive of Latinx students, such as Raza Studies, will lead us through some impactful learning. Dive deep in self-reflection and learn more about centering humanity in our approach to engaging young people in powerful learning experiences. Join us in reimagining the dynamic outcomes students deserve from our classrooms. 

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Facing History and Ourselves High School PD

US History: Teaching Reconstruction Era Unit: You will learn to teach about the Reconstruction era using an approach that helps students connect this history to their own lives and the choices they make today.
  • Online Workshop: January 7, 13, and 14 @ 4-6 PM 
  • Online Course: January - March 2021
  • Meetup for teachers who attended training: January 7
  • For more details and to register see here.

World Studies: Holocaust & Human Behavior Unit: You will learn how to teach about the Holocaust and human behavior to support students in wrestling with profound moral questions raised by this history while fostering their skills in ethical and moral reasoning, critical analysis, empathy, and civic engagement.
  • Self-paced Workshop: Ongoing
  • Online Course: January - March, 2021
  • Meetup for teachers who attended training: January or March
  • For more info and to register see here.

NEW Red Summer Unit: You will learn about FHAO’ new unit The Red Summer in Chicago, which sheds light on a defining moment in Chicago’s history: a week-long episode of racial violence in 1919 that claimed the lives of thirty-eight people.
  • Online Workshop: February OR March 2021
  • Meetup for teachers who have attended training: March 2021
  • For more details and to register see here.


3-Part Webinar Series for 8th Grade Civics Teachers - NEW DATES!

New dates added including a full day workshop that covers all 3 workshops.

Register here! Seats are limited, so secure your spot now. Please note: these trainings are meant to be completed as a series. 

Access additional information about Civics Professional Learning here.

Questions? Contact Chris Olsen at colsen1@cps.edu.
New to Reparations Won?

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Wednesday Workshops
The Office of Teaching & Learning is offering MORE Wednesday Workshops!

This Wednesday's Theme is Powerful Practices for Remote Breakout Groups @ 4-5 PM!

Participants will learn strategies (protocols and templates) for driving student engagement in breakout groups and collaborate with colleagues for best practices for breakout groups.

  • 8th Grade Civics Learning Hub Course: 53958, Class: 100468
  • K-8 Social Science Learning Hub Course: 52798, Class: 100516
  • High School Social Science Learning Hub Course: 52806, Class: 100517
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