Upcoming Events
Edgecombe County
May 4, 2021
Project Record Books- Past Due
IF you participated in the Livestock Show and Sale and have not turned in your project record book, it is now late! Books were due on May 3rd! If you have any questions please contact the Extension Office!

4-H CAD/DAD Presentations & Practice
For youth ages 5-18!!! Come be a part of our 4-H Presentation competition! For those wanting to do a presentation- your presentation will be virtual and the deadline for video submission is May 26th. Note the new topics! We will submit them to the District Competition by May 28th.

The 4-H office will be happy to help with the presentations and taping of the presentation, if needed. We have several dates set aside to work on just this, so call and make an appointment with the 4-H staff!

DAD- Outdoor Grilling
Another Part of the 4-H Presentations is Outdoor Cookery! It's for ages 8-18! We will be LIVE AND IN-PERSON in Camden County on Friday, June 18th! So, don't delay and sign up for your category and let's get working on it!

Grilling information begins on Page 8 of the Awards Handbook Linked below!

Summer Camp- BJP
Week of June 20-25
Only a few spots left!
Edgecombe County 4-H Discounts available. If interested, please contact the 4-H office as soon as possible.

Summer Fun- COMING SOON!
We are working to put together Summer Fun programs! YAY! They will be in person and virtual with a variety of topics! Please stay on the lookout for registration forms and advertisements coming up! You must be registered in 4-H Online to participate as always!

Please fill out the Google form below to help voice your opinion on things we could plan for you!

Poultry Science Summer Institute
 Please join our faculty from the Prestage Department of Poultry Science who represent disciplines of science from embryology to immunology! You will be sent a learning kit complete with all materials to do a live hands-on activity with each faculty lead during a 2 hour morning and afternoon Zoom meeting. Come collaborate with your colleagues in Poultry Science! Registration $25. (Scholarships Available)

Horticulture Science Summer Institute
Do you love plants? Are you in high school? Join NC State’s Department of Horticultural Science for an exploration of horticulture through a virtual program that includes hands-on live workshops, do-it-yourself activities, videos and more. We will dig into topics like plant propagation, plant identification, garden design, growing fruits and vegetables and much more. This year’s program is virtual, but will include a box full of the supplies you need to really engage in learning about horticulture.

Save the Dates: Statewide 4-H Programs
Many Programs are offered through NC 4-H for you! We have the annual programs but others as well! Be sure to follow our Facebook page for timely updates and visit the Cooperative Extension Website. Some dates are listed below:

  • June 14-16 Citizenship Focus
  • June 22 Livestock Clinic- Skillathon
  • June 23 Livestock Clinic- Judging
  • July 7-11 State 4-H Horse Show
  • July 14 Avian Bowl
  • July 19-22 Congress
  • August 16 4-H Entertains
  • August 17 Photography Contest