Our Annual Women’s Event!!
March 2-4 (Friday-Sunday)
With: Audrey Chowdhury, Annie Lea, Tracy Chipman, Judith Tamarah, Tatsiana O’Neill, Barbara Wulf and Sr Johanna Seubert
Tuition: Sliding scale $75 – $175, plus meals and lodging 
The “By Women for Women” program is an annual offering here at the Christine Center. It is an opportunity for women of all ages to participate in a weekend of retreat, renewal, relaxation, fun, creativity and conversation. The intention is to nurture the spirit of women at all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This year, we want to focus on how our inner work can truly be a catalyst for positive and dynamic change within our personal space as well as the world around us. Each of us holds a unique gift that can make a difference when applied with compassion, intention and focus. Learn More