Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation

 La Fédération canadienne des coopératives de travail

February 20,
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Upcoming Opportunities
Networking Opportunities


**Le français suit**

This Worker Co-op Summit will be an unparalleled opportunity for learning, networking, and being inspired -  aimed at members of co-ops associated with CWCF and/or the three Quebec worker co-op federations:  the Quebec " Reseau COOP" or Network of Worker Co-operation, as well as the Federation of Paramedic Cooperatives of Quebec and the Quebec Federation of Forestry Co-ops

The date is Monday, June 17, 2019:
-  9 am - 5 pm:  Keynote, Plenary discussions, and break-out sessions.
-  Evening: Networking Reception

The location is:  the House of Co-operation / la Maison de la Coopération, downtown Quebec City.

Highlights include:
- Sessions of practical interest to worker co-operators, with a focus on Governance issues in worker co-ops
- Video of Keynote Presentation by Noam Chomsky (!!!)
- Presentation by US FWC Executive Director Esteban Kelly  
- Roll-out of CWCF's exciting new Strategic Plan.

Simultaneous interpretation, French and English, will be provided.  

This Summit will take place on the day before the start of the Congress of Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada (CMC) (, on June 18-20, also in Quebec City.  We encourage people to consider attending both events. 

We will seek to secure accommodations in both a nearby hotel and at a university residence.  More details will follow in coming weeks.  In the meantime, if you are interested, please mark your calendars!  

**Le français*** 
Le Sommet de la coopération du travail sera une occasion sans pareille d'apprentissage, de réseautage et d'inspiration - destinée aux membres des coopératives associées à la FCCT et / ou aux trois fédérations de coopératives de travail du Québec: le Réseau COOP ou Réseau de coopération du travail du Québec, ainsi que la Fédération des coopératives des paramédics du Québec et la Fédération québécoise des coopératives forestières
La date est le lundi 17 juin 2019:
 - 9h à 17h: Conférences, discussions plénières et ateliers.
-  Soirée: Réception de réseautage 
Le tout aura lieu à la Maison de la coopération, au centre-ville de Québec. 
Les points forts incluent:
- Sessions présentant un intérêt pratique pour les coopérateurs de travail, en mettant l'accent sur les questions de gouvernance dans les coopératives de travail
- Vidéo de la présentation principale de Noam Chomsky (!!!)
- Exposé d'Esteban Kelly, Directeur exécutif du FWC américain
- Déploiement du nouveau plan stratégique passionnant de la CWCF.
 Une interprétation simultanée en français et en anglais sera fournie.
Ce Sommet aura lieu la veille du Congrès de Coopératives et mutuelles du Canada ( les 18 et 20 juin, également à Québec. Nous encourageons les gens à envisager d'assister aux deux événements.  Nous chercherons à vous loger à la fois dans un hôtel voisin et dans une résidence universitaire. Plus de détails suivront dans les prochaines semaines. En attendant, si vous êtes intéressé, veuillez marquer vos calendriers!

Training Opportunities

Thursday, May 23, 2019 from 10:00am - 4:00pm (limited space)
Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Head office (5200 Orbitor Drive, Mississauga, ON)

As part of its commitment to co-operative principles including education and training and co-operation amongst co-operatives, OCA in partnership with Gay Lea Foods Co-operative, is offering a one day governance training module. Based on its award winning Leadership in Governance Training Program, the module will be interactive, focus on issues that reflect the real-life experiences of directors and boards. The module is one day in duration and will be facilitated by leading co-operative governance experts.
The cost to attend the full-day session per participant is $27.50 (OCA Members) and $55 (Non-Members), which includes lunch, refreshments and taxes. Space is limited to 2 participants per organization and will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis. Register by March 15, 2019 to reserve your spot! 
Job Opportunities
**Le français suit** 
TITLE: Manager, External Relations
REPORTS TO: Executive Director
GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Manager, External Relations, is a fluently bilingual leader responsible for the engagement of key national audiences through social media, events, the collaborative dissemination of research, the promotion of national capacity-building, and operational synergies with members and external partners/collaborators, to achieve the national recognition of the co-operatives sector as a priority sector of the traditional and social economies of Canada.

TITLE:  Director, Member Engagement
REPORTS TO: Executive Director
GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Director, Member Engagement, leads CMC's national member engagement and sector development strategies. The Director ensures that CMC's offering to members is a superior value proposition and that programming (e.g. programs, services, events, projects) across the organization is aligned with the priorities and values of our members.

**Le français***

TITRE : Gestionnaire, relations extérieures SE RAPPORTE AU : Directeur général DESCRIPTION GÉNÉRALE Le responsable des relations extérieures est un dirigeant parfaitement bilingue responsable de la mobilisation d'audiences nationales clés par le biais des médias sociaux, d'événements, de la diffusion collaborative de la recherche, de la promotion du renforcement des capacités nationales et des synergies opérationnelles avec les membres et les partenaires / collaborateurs externes, afin d'obtenir la reconnaissance nationale du secteur des coopératives en tant que secteur prioritaire des économies traditionnelle et sociale du Canada.

TITRE : Directeur, Engagement des membres SE RAPPORTE À : Directeur général DESCRIPTION GÉNÉRALE Le directeur, engagement des membres, dirige les stratégies nationales d'engagement des membres et de développement du secteur de CMC. Le directeur s'assure que les offres de CMC à ses membres constituent une proposition de valeur supérieure et que la programmation (p. ex. programmes, services, événements, projets) est alignée sur les priorités et les valeurs de nos membres.

Educational Opportunities

Master of Management
Co-operatives and Credit Unions
Saint Mary's University and the Sobey School of Business are leaders in co-operative management education. Choose one of two international management programs:
  • Master of Management, Co-operatives and Credit Unions
  • Graduate Diploma in Co-operative Management
These programs provide exceptional management skills to current and future co-operative leaders. Designed for the working professional and geared to co-operatives, both programs are offered in a part-time, online format. The programs draw students, faculty and researchers from around the globe and from a diversity of co-operatives.

Deadline to apply is April 1, program starts in August.

Towards Co-operative Commonwealth: Transition in a Perilous Century online course

Today, political, economic, social and ecological crises are deepening, putting life at risk on a global level. Many of us are working toward solutions, that are socially just and ecologically sound.

Advocacy for a new economics is growing. But as calls for systems change grow we often work in silos, unaware of each other's thinking, tools and strategies. Too often, we are missing opportunities to work together.

As practitioners and community educators looking to pool ideas, methods, and efforts, we've developed a MOOC-a place filled with contemporary content where like-minded people can come together to discuss and strategize systems change. And we want you to join us.

Towards Co-operative Commonwealth is a free, massive, open, online course offered by Synergia Institute with support from Athabasca University that sets out what effective systems change means, and the most promising ways to secure our communities' basic needs in increasingly difficult times. It is a master class in movement building for a new model of political economy that is sustainable, democratic, socially just and based on the principles of co-operation and the common good. It is suitable for newcomers to social change work as well as veteran activists, practitioners, policy-makers, students, and researchers. Individuals on their own and people working for social change through organizations, networks, and movements can use the course material and the accumulated expertise of the Synergia team, and that of fellow participants, to advance their own work.

Grant Opportunities

Reminder: CWCF's Arts and Culture Granting Program

The deadline for CWCF's Arts and Culture Granting Program is coming up on March 15. Projects must be youth-generated (individual or a group/organization, with all or most participants under 35 years of age) and take place within Canada during the year following the application deadline (between May 1 to April 30). Eligible projects include visual art, music, video, theatre, a cultural event, etc. Go to for examples of projects involving video and music, especially projects 3 and 4, which were created by youth.  Don't delay, make your submission now!
The Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation (CWCF) is a national, bilingual grassroots membership organization of and for worker co-operatives, related types of co-operatives (multi-stakeholder co-ops and worker-shareholder co-ops), and organizations that support the growth and development of worker cooperatives.  CWCF's e-newsletter is available free of charge to anyone with an e-mail address and an interest in worker co-operative developments in Canada.
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Kaye Grant 
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