Mark your calendars
PWRDF Webinars for October 2021
Dear friends,

We have a few learning opportunities planned that we hope you will be interested in.

October 21, 7 pm Eastern - First We Eat (Movie night)

In 2021, PWRDF launched its 3 year Creation Care: Climate Action education focus. In year 1 we are focusing on climate change and food security. As part of this theme, we will be hosting a movie night that is open to all PWRDF supporters. Please feel free to join us with your dinner or a snack to watch “First We Eat,” a documentary of one family’s year-long effort to eat locally in Dawson City, Yukon.
October 26, 11 am Eastern – Light for Every Birth Wrap up and Celebration
Thanks to our generous supporters the Light for Every Birth Campaign was a huge success. On October 26 from 11 am – 12:30 pm Eastern, we will be hosting a wrap up and celebration of the Light for Every Birth fundraising Campaign. We will hear from our partner, EHALE, and celebrate the efforts of churches and individuals who helped us raise the funds necessary to purchase 50 Solar Suitcases that are on their way to rural health clinics in Mozambique. We will also hear stories and celebrate the accomplishments of our Ride for Refuge participants.
October 30 11 am – 5 pm Eastern – For the Love of Creation Fall Symposium

PWRDF has been an active member of the For the Love of Creation movement. This gathering will mark a key moment in the group’s journey, in Canada’s climate plan, and in global climate action in advance of COP 26 (November 2021). Participants will hear the collective theological reflections in the Letter of the Faithful, learn about how advocacy goals have evolved, and engage with faith leaders, theologians, climate organizers including:

  • Sister Eva Solomon, csj
  • Councillor Christine Boyle, Vancouver
  • Dr. Sylvia Keesmaat
  • Dr. David K. Goodin
  • Mueni Mutinda, Canadian Foodgrains Bank
  • Jennifer Preston, Canadian Friends Service Committee (Quakers) … and more!

You are welcome to promote this event in your church and community, share it on Facebook and invite anyone to attend.

If you have any questions about any of these learning opportunities, please do contact me at [email protected].
Kind regards,