Upcoming Pavement Projects in Morgan Hill
The City of Morgan Hill’s ongoing Pavement Rehabilitation Program is planned to address the City’s needs for pavement rehabilitation. On September 17, 2020, work will begin on multiple City streets, including pavement milling and micro-milling, cold-in-place recycling (CIR) pavement rehabilitation, hot mix asphalt concrete (AC) overlay, full depth AC pavement repairs, slurry sealing, crack sealing, replacement of all existing traffic delineation and markings, utility adjustments, and traffic signal loop restorations. Work will also include pavement pothole/digout repairs throughout the La Crosse neighborhood area.

Roadway pavement locations will include:
• Tennant Avenue, from Vineyard Boulevard to SB 101
• Condit Road, from East Dunne Avenue to north of the Ford Store
• East Dunne Avenue, from Monterey Road to Condit Road
• Encino Drive, from Sunnyside Avenue to the eastern end
• Roble Drive, from Encino Drive to the west end
• Via Castana, from Via del Castille to Encino Drive

Other current projects include:
• Main Avenue between Butterfield Boulevard and Condit Road (roadway widening, bike lanes and pedestrian improvements)

Affected residents and businesses will be notified in advance with door hangers prior to the start of construction work on their street. Project work for the locations of Condit Road, East Dunne Avenue, and Tennant Avenue will have a significant amount of night work, including grinding, digout repairs, and paving. Project work for Encino Drive, Roble Drive, Via Castana, and the La Crosse neighborhood area will take place during the day. Temporary street parking restrictions and traffic control will be in place during construction to maintain safe access these locations. We anticipate pavement projects to be completed in November of 2020.

The current Main Avenue Bike Lane & Sidewalk Project is also underway. This project will install buffered bike lanes along Main Avenue between Butterfield and Condit. In addition, a small section will be widened to accommodate new bike lanes and new sidewalk. Green bike lane markings will further enhance the street corridor. More information is available on our website at www.morganhill.ca.gov/485/Capital-Improvement-Program.

We understand that these traffic patterns, detours, and changes can be frustrating. Our hope is to complete the work as quickly as possible and limit the impact to the community. Please remember to drive cautiously through construction areas and follow signage for detours. We recommend utilizing alternate routes as much as possible while the work is being completed. While these projects may create a minor inconvenience they will help to repair and preserve these roadways for years of future use. For additional information and updates about this project, please visit our website at www.morganhill.ca.gov/1854/Pavement-Rehabilitation-Program.

If you have any questions regarding the outlined projects or the process for the City’s Pavement Rehabilitation Program, please contact Lynette Kong, Associate Engineer at Lynette.Kong@morganhill.ca.gov. For questions about the Main Avenue improvement project, please contact David Gittleson at David.Gittleson@morganhill.ca.gov
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