February 17, 2020- February 24, 2020
Upcoming Events
Please join THO as we host a panel on U.S.-Turkey relations. We'll be joined by Richard Outzen, Mark Kimmit, and Jennifer Miel. RSVP Here!
Join THO on Thursday, March 12, 2020 as we host a high level roundtable discussion on US-China Relations and it's impact on the world, topics of discussion will be trade and human rights abuses, amongst other issues. Stay tuned as we release more information in the coming days. Save your seat by sending your RSVP today!
Recent Events
On Tuesday, February 18, 2020 the Turkish Heritage Organization hosted H.E. Ambassador Cagatay Erciyes, Director General for Bilateral Political and Maritime-Aviation-Border Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Turkey) for a conversation on Maritime and Energy issues in the Eastern Mediterranean at the National Press Club. Read the summary here.
THO Exclusive Insight Interview Highlight

THO's Exclusive Insight Interview series continues as we interview a number of experts on US-Turkey relations. The latest exclusives insights are with Luke Coffey , Director, Heritage Foundation.
Watch all of THO's Exclusive Insight Interviews from this year here!
U.S. Congress
THO President Ali Cinar had an opportunity to meet with Sen. Cory Booker, member of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee.
Columbia University
THO President Ali Cinar was present for a State Department organized conversation with Robert Y. Shapiro, former Chair of the Department of Political Science at Columbia University.
American University
THO Executive Director Elvir Klempic had an opportunity connect with American University professors and discuss for stronger cooperation between THO and American University.
White House
THO President Ali Cinar was honored to be visit the White House to discuss and inform on the US-Turkey relationship.
THO staff continuously provides expertise on US-Turkey relations to various US and International media outlets. This past week THO President Ali Cinar and THO staff were expert guests on US and International media outlets.

THO is proud to be highlight a new Advisory Board member- Mr. Ramin Asgard!
Mr. Ramin Asgard
Mr. Asgard is Senior Vice President for Global Business Development with First Pathway Partners, a US-based investment and global services firm. He is also a national security thought leader, attorney, business development/technology/entrepreneurship expert, and independent consultant based in Manhattan and globally. His work is focused on Global Market Access and Analysis, National Security Matters, and Government Relations. Previously, Mr. Asgard was a highly decorated veteran U.S. Foreign Service Officer with the Department of State, with extensive global expeditionary/combat, field and headquarters experience in the diplomatic, commercial/trade advocacy, consular, political, intelligence, pol/mil, economic, public diplomacy, and research and analysis experience. 

Among Mr. Asgard’s career highlights with State: 
• Political Advisor at U.S. Central Command, where he served as Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to CENTCOM Commanders General David Petraeus and General James Mattis. 
• Commercial Attaché, Kabul Afghanistan, where his efforts helped attract $1.8 billion in Foreign Direct Investment and for which he received the Amb. Charles Cobb Award. 
• Director of the Iran Regional Presence Office (IRPO) in Dubai, the U.S. government’s primary field operation concerning Iran. 
• Director of Voice of America Persian, VOA’s largest language service, where he increased viewership 380% during his tenure. 
• Deputy Political Counselor in Saudi Arabia, Senior Iraq Desk Officer, Turkey Desk Officer 

THO Nonresident Fellow Feature
THO is proud to introduce our 2019-2020 non-resident fellowship cohort. Stay tuned for more introductions as we feature each of our distinguished members.
Liam Hardy
Liam Hardy spent four years as the regional marketing representative in Turkey for the US Agency for Global Media and Voice of America. He was contracted to manage relationships with local affiliates, initiate new partnerships and distribute the agency’s media content. Previously, as a supervisor in the marketing department of Finans Asset Management (now a subsidiary of QNB Finansbank) he promoted the company’s exchange traded funds, mutual funds and discretionary portfolio management services among international and local investors. here.

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