May 17 , 2018
OWLS May 2018 Newsletter:
Next training, new publications, & book review

What's New?
  1. Next training-of-trainers on Empowered Health Consciousness 
  2. New Articles and Publications 
  3. OWLS cited in Nation's Restaurant News ("Coming Clean")
  4. Book Review (Dying for a Paycheck)
  5. OWLS will present at the National Wellness Conference (June 18-20)
  6. OWLS presented at Total Worker Health on the topics of: Fatigue risk management; Organizational wellness climate; and Reducing substance abuse risk

From participants: "Phenomenal slide deck" - "Really loved the interaction" - "Wellness professionals need to know about and use these tools"

Participants who go through this training reported increased knowledge and skills to address pain and other risks for prescription drug misuse.


Our next training-of-trainers is May 30, 2018

Since January, we have certified over 50 trainers in Empowered Health Consciousness. 

You can be part of a growing community of practice.

Get a discount when you download our recent article in Spirituality & Health magazine.

New Articles and Publications

We are very excited to report TWO publications this month. The first further demonstrates effectiveness of our resilience tools. The second demonstrates our commitment to disseminating evidence-based information through media and our alignment with spiritual health.

1.  Electronic Team Resilience (click to access)
         Journal of Medical Internet Research

This research paper documents the initial effectiveness of a brief training in resilience.  

OWLS can adapt this easy-to-use e-learning tool for your organization.

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2.  Five Steps to Address the Opioid Epidemic  (click to access) 
         Spirituality and Health Magazine   

This article concisely explains our health consciousness model in accessible language that anyone can use.

A discount code for the upcoming Empowered Health Consciousness training-of-trainers is on page 2 of the article.

Nation's Restaurant News features OWLS!

The restaurant/food service industry has among the highest rates of worker mental health and substance abuse concerns, especially for the 18-to-25 year old. OWLS has worked diligently to help the industry with prevention. In this 10 article series (TEN!!!), you will learn about many grass-root efforts to address the problem. OWLS was cited in 2 articles!

For example, f ocus on team resilience and positive strengths that come from good teamwork in the restaurant. 


This article estimates suggest that one third of the U.S. population may have had their 1st job in food service. Learn about new efforts to help change the culture of restaurant work in this and other articles in the series.

Book Review: Doom? Gloom? Or.. A Battle Cry!
Dying for a Paycheck by Jeffrey Pfeffer

I have been reading Jeffrey Pfeffer's new book "Dying for a Paycheck" which greatly amplifies on  his previous published research  on stress in the workplace. Dr. Pfeffer makes a number of references in the book on employee substance abuse. For example, he describes the relationship between long work hours and stimulant misuse, among other relationships between undesirable work experiences and substance abuse in general.

Pfeffer's book is an important milestone; it clearly documents (in recent, relevant, and economic terms) the impact of unhealthy workplaces on employee stress and a variety of health and productivity outcomes.

Unfortunately, he spends considerably less time on solutions. As a result, the overall tone of the book comes across as more "doom and gloom." At least this is the case for me, someone who is aware of dozens of healthy work practices that can be implemented to reduce risk. He does point out the importance of coworker social support and positive leadership. These positive forces are at the heart of all we do at OWLS.

Overall, I highly recommend the book because of the overwhelming strength of evidence provided on the toll of stress and, at the same time, employer's continued lack of response. I hope you use this book to sound the battle cry and inspire change.

OWLS will present at the National Wellness Conference (June 18-20)

OWLS will be presenting two breakout sessions at the National Wellness Conference.

Brittany Linde, PhD & Joel Bennett, PhD, CWP
4:15-5:30 Monday

Joel Bennett, PhD, CWP
4:15-5:30 Tuesday

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