June, 2018
OWLS June 2018 Newsletter:
Next training & New publication

We recently published another research paper on the Resilience-to-Thriving module, further showing evidence for effectiveness. Register now for the July online Train the Trainer course from NWI and OWLS: Resilience & Thriving, The Secret Power of Stress. Session one starts July 11, 2018 . Learn more at  www.NationalWellness.org/resilience

An increasing number of wellness practitioners are being asked to deliver training or coaching in the areas of resilience and thriving. To meet this need, the National Wellness Institute (NWI), in collaboration with  Organizational Wellness and Learning Systems (OWLS) , is offering a new course with evidence-informed tools and competency-based training. Participants will learn a new system that integrates NWI's 6 Dimensions of Wellness model with the concepts of stress, resilience, and thriving. The slide deck, facilitator notes, handouts, book, and other tools provided in the training can be used in their own workshops, training, and coaching activities. 

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