On Deck

June 1, 2021
We hope you're enjoying the season thus far - and there is still a lot of fun to come, including championship and tournament games (coach-pitch and older leagues) played "under the lights" at Hoff Woods Park!

Learn about some other exciting events below and be sure to check our website for additional details as they are finalized.

Fall Baseball
Do you want to continue to hone your young player's skills after the season? Ready to move to the next age division and looking for a "head start"? We're already hard at work on our Fall Ball program and online registration begins June 14th.

Look for more information via email and on our website soon!
June 26th (Rain date 6/27)
Once again this year, we will be holding All Star Games and Home Run Derbies at Huber Village and Highlands Parks!

Whether you have a player participating or not, we hope you can enjoy a day of great ball at our parks. Schedules will be posted on our website prior to the event.

The WYBSL does only one fundraising event each season, of which 100% of the proceeds go to our Fields Fund to maintain, improve and build new fields. As part of each player's registration, a $24 fee is included and your coach should have given you a bundle of 12 raffle tickets.

You can either sell each ticket for $2 - and keep the funds as you've already paid for them - or simply put your name on them. Either way, please return completed ticket stubs to any concession trailer before June 18th. Lastly, be sure to remove the staple from your ticket bundle!
Coach-Pitch and older leagues will begin exciting tournament play during the week of June 28th. Tournament brackets/schedules will be posted on our website once the final standings are established.
We all want the kids to get as much playing time as they can, but all too often, games don't go the full 6 or 7 innings. Here are some tips to get complete games in:
  • Make sure players know where they are going on defense BEFORE the 3rd out. Post defensive line-ups and/or make sure your bench coach communicates playing positions proactively.
  • There's no walking on ball fields! Encourage players to have their gloves and run to their positions as soon as the 3rd out is made.
  • Have a coach warm-up your pitcher if your catcher is not ready.
  • Eliminate "conferences" before taking the field - if necessary, huddle when you come off the field but don't delay the next batter.
  • Encourage your batters to "keep one foot in the box" and be ready for the next pitch.

These tips can easily save 15 or 20 minutes per game and that can make a difference in getting a complete game in!
Established in 1951, the WYBSL is an independent, non-profit and all volunteer organization dedicated to serving our community's young people.