USAID Advancing Nutrition

Photo Credit: Kate Holt/MCSP and Jhpiego

Social Behavior Change to Improve Maternal Nutrition: Exploring New Resources 


September 14, 2022 

8:30 10:00 AM EDT (GMT-4)


Maternal nutrition can be improved through multiple pathways, all of which require the application of quality social and behavior change (SBC) techniques to enhance the usefulness of antenatal and postnatal maternal counseling on consuming a healthy diet; improve family and community dialogue and decision-making around food and nutrition; create greater demand for healthy diets for women and their families, including adolescents; increase women’s access to resources; expand gender equality and ensure empowerment of women and adolescent girls; and build women’s leadership in local food, health, and agriculture systems.

Join this upcoming webinar, a collaboration between USAID’s MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership and USAID Advancing Nutrition, to learn about and discuss new USAID resources on SBC and maternal diets. Presenters will share new resources with implementers and foster discussions on how they can be used to improve maternal nutrition.


  • Laura Itzkowitz, Nutrition Social and Behavior Change Advisor, USAID Bureau for Global Health
  • Habtamu Fedaku, MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership, Save the Children
  • Marcia Griffiths, MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership, The Manoff Group
  • Katherine Dickin, USAID Advancing Nutrition, Cornell University
  • Mariam Diakite, USAID Advancing Nutrition, University of California San Diego
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