APF's virtual tour of Israel
As we celebrate our 70th-year anniversary, APF is pleased to continue offering very special virtual tours of Israel. This is an opportunity to be generous with APF and receive a bonus for yourself: a series of 45-minute guided virtual tours of historic sites in Israel, including the Southern Wall excavations, Mount Zion and much more.
Next Virtual Tour:
  • Sunday July 12 at 2pm EDT
Mount Herzl, Israel: An attempt to create collective memory
Mt. Herzl is Israel's national cemetery, similar to Arlington for the USA. On this mountain we will find the tombs of such famous Israeli leaders as Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres as well as lesser-known stories of Israeli soldiers who have sacrificed their lives in various wars and armed conflicts. But this mountain is more than the stories of fallen soldiers. The monument was created to be a fresh new collective for the young State of Israel. In our tour, we will learn both about the history of the leaders and the attempt to create a new Israeli collective identity and memory based on this mountain

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APF's 22nd Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Course in Israel will take place from November 7 to 12, 2020.

Created in conjunction with Israel's Ministry of Health and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), this one-of-a-kind program offers healthcare professionals firsthand training from some of the world’s foremost experts.

If you have any questions, contact Amir Goldshtein at amir@apfmed.org or call 617-232-5382.
Hematologist Dr. Ofrat Beyar Katz Studied Cutting-Edge Cancer Treatment in Philadelphia
“Though the the field is already developing in Israel, it’s not in all the hospitals. And now it’s mainly outside companies that handle the cells. We are going to have an entire manufacturing facility at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center that soon will be producing CAR-T cells. Ours will be only the second such facility in Israel," says Dr. Beyar Katz (pictured) .

All this comes from my fellowship. And I want to thank APF very much for the generosity in supporting me during this fellowship and the Schmidt family who chose me to sponsor.
International Master's Program
on Disaster Management at Tel Aviv University
The International Multidisciplinary Program for Emergency and Disaster Management was established at Tel Aviv University in 2011 with the aim of providing the graduates with the knowledge and skills required to effectively deal with emergencies and disasters and their consequences.

The 10-months program enables students from all over the world to study in Israel, gain knowledge and competencies in emergency preparedness and management, and learn from leading experts as their lecturers and faculty .

The master's program has three major goals :
  1. To impart the academic knowledge and the operational and theoretical analysis skills required when dealing with emergency and disaster situations.
  2. To develop new, innovative and critical ways of thinking when examining intervention plans for dealing with emergency and disaster situations, as well as the ability to transform these plans into action.
  3. To provide the knowledge and hands-on experience to develop the skills needed for dealing with diverse types of emergencies and disasters, using tools and skills for capacity building, management, organization, evaluation, and analysis of such situations.

Click here for more information, or email Assaf Levinton, Administrative Director at emergex@tauex.tau.ac.il .
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