"Things You Should Know" Series - Upcoming Webinars
Watch the latest 30-minute webinars hosted by the Gibson team
Moving Coil Technology: High Speeds and/or Highly Accurate Force Application
Thu, Aug. 20th - 2:00-2:30pm EDT

Moving coil actuator technology is ideal for a wide range of positioning, measuring, inspection, and pick and place applications. Join the SMAC & Gibson team to learn more about moving coil technology and how their 'soft-touch' technology can be applied in your applications.
Sensor Integration with SICK: Gateways to Industry 4.0

Fri, Aug. 21st - 2:00-2:30pm EDT

Join the Gibson team for a firsthand demonstration on how SICK's latest Sensor Integration Gateways improve sensor data collection, reduce wiring & integration time, & help teams unlock their Industry 4.0 potential today!

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Vacuum System Basics and
their Components
Thu, Aug. 27th - 2:00-2:30pm EDT

As pick and place applications become more widely implemented in manufacturing, end of arm tooling has evolved to keep up with these latest challenges as well.

Join the Schmalz & Gibson Engineering team to learn more about building & deploying a vacuum system for your next application!

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SICK PeCO: People-Counting LiDAR for a Post-COVID World
Fri, Aug. 28th - 2:00-2:30pm EDT

In an effort to protect employees & customers, SICK has created a new LiDAR tool for helping companies adapt to new workplace limitations on building occupancy and social distancing: PeCO

Join the SICK & Gibson team as we introduce this new tool, see how it works, and how it can be easily deployed to start monitoring your building today!
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