October Webinar
Friday, October 23 7:00 pm

Hi Everyone,

The summer months have come and gone and our club is on hold as we wait for a safe time to resume activities. For now, we will put on hold our fall meetings and Christmas party. We are planning a virtual annual meeting in January. More details will be forthcoming as we get the details ironed out. This is the time of virtual meetings at least for the next six months.

Marc Johnson recently did a Zoom seminar on being a navigator in competition. I found it really informative and easy to get onto the webinar with Zoom. You need to go to the AppStore on your phone and get the free Zoom app and follow the instructions. It was fairly simple. We had 13 members signed on for the session. Marc did a great job and I want to thank him for hosting. More webinars are in the making.

We have been working on the show grounds here at Orleton and look forward to everyone coming to next year's events and having fun at the farm.

Hope everyone stays well and look forward to seeing you.


Webinar Info: The Silent Drive
Squeaks and rattles in your driving vehicle are annoying. This presentation will cover tips and tricks to fix them once and for all. You may not even realize how distracting they are, especially if you are competing. Once they are gone, you'll be amazed at how silent your drive can be. Most squeaks can be readily cured with a few simple tools and most can be fixed so they do not return to annoy you further!

About 45 mins. I will take questions and hopefully be able to offer solutions! Chances are I have encountered the same annoying noise before.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Jeff: greenmeads@gmail.com
by Monday, October 19. Attendees who preregister will receive an email with the Zoom link on Tuesday, October 20. There is no cost for the event (as in **free**). So don't miss out on this chance to connect with club members and friends and learn some new skills!

Utilizing the virtual platform, we will be able to, in a safe environment, honor our club mission statement of contributing to driver education and keep the enthusiasm of our challenging sport rolling. Please stay tuned for additional virtual events as opportunities arise. If anyone has any input, suggestions, or can contribute with an educational webinar, please feel free to contact Harvey@ Harveywaller562@aol.com.

Jeff Morse Green Meads Farm |Richmond, MA
No CCDS Dues For 2021
Due to the pandemic putting a quash on our CCDS activities this year, dues paid in 2020 will carry over to 2021. So no dues for 2021!
2021 Orleton Driving Show
August 5-8
With the cancellation of the driving show this year, the Wallers have been taking advantage of the extra time available to them to make some fabulous improvements to the already beautiful show grounds they so generously provide for the show. Improvements are ongoing this summer and fall and include: enhancing the obstacles, including a new water obstacle, and the main ring will have a whole new look along with many more improvements.Based upon the increased exhibitor participation the show experienced in 2019, we anticipate the show next year to be even bigger and better. So we all look forward to hearing about more details as the 2021 season gets underway next spring.
Mary Waller driving her pair of British Welsh sport ponies. Photo Credit Picsofyou.com
Mary Waller driving her pair of British/ Welsh sport ponies. Photo credit: Picsofyou.com
Marc Schoefield and Heidi Johnson driving a 4-in-hand team owned by Harvey Waller. Photo Credit Picsofyou.com
Marc Schoefield and Heidi Johnson driving a 4-in-hand team owned by Harvey Waller. Photo credit: Picsofyou.com

We recognize that life has changed and that many of the “measuring parties” planned by competitions and local clubs and other groups have had to be cancelled. Accordingly the ADS will be extending the timeframe for implementing the requirement to have a card before competing to January 1, 2021.
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