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Dear Members of Or Chadash,

There is a Midrash, a story from our Jewish tradition, that teaches that everything we need to know to live a meaningful life was given to us at birth.  We  just spend the rest of our lives trying to r emember it all.  
Some people call this the Acorn Theory -- that everything an acorn needs to know to become an oak tree is already inside the acorn. And that is true -- but for acorns and oaks, it is simple; for human beings, we need much more than sunlight and water.  We need the support of teachers to guide us to discover what is within us.

In the Talmud, in Pirkei Avot, the Sayings of our  Ancestors, there is a teaching from Ben Zoma (Pirkei Avot 4:1) that says: "Who is wise?  One who learns from everyone." 
Today, as we celebrate our graduates, we are mindful that the ceremonies that traditionally marked the culmination of a course of learning are not happening in their usual manner. But we can continue to celebrate each graduate who has completed a phase of study in their life and is moving on to new adventures and new modes of learning -- hopefully from everyone and every situation.

Mazal Tov to all our graduates!


Rabbi Joe Forman


We are reaching out to all High School, College and Graduate School families.  We  would like to include your child's news in Upcoming at Or Chadash featuring our graduates of 2020. 

If you would include the information requested in the link below, we would be delighted.  Please submit info no later than Monday May 25th (Memorial Day).  We will publish the names that week in our Upcoming at OC and honor the graduates at Shabbat Services at 7:00 PM on Friday the 29th of May.

* * *


Thursday, May 14th

7:00 - 9:00 PM
Board of Trustees Meeting

Friday, May 15th

7:00 PM
Shabbat Services
with Rabbi Forman and Cantor Kathy Gohr
Meeting ID
Join us as w e will welcome Shabbat with song and prayer.
On this Shabbat, join us exactly as you feel most comfortable.  A few things to note about our service:
  • Feel free to light your own Shabbat candles, share in drinking the wine/juice from your own Kiddush cups, and taste the sweetness of challah at your house
  • Please email me (josephforman@gmail.com) no later than 5:00 PM on Friday the names you would like me to read during Mi Shebeirach
  • If you need support or assistance using Zoom, please reach out to me or Betsy no later than 3:00 PM on Friday.
I hope each of you is well. We look forward to seeing our Or Chadash  community for our ZOOM Shabbat.

Yahrzeits to be observed:
Morris Kurtzberg
Lillian Rapp
Bernard H. Hillman
Estelle Kern
Anna Wolf

Sunday, May 17th

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Kup O' Joe - Adult Education with Rabbi Forman
Meeting ID
Topic: "A Reuben By Any Other Name" - Are we examining the essence of a sandwich or Judaism?  Please email Rabbi Forman if you would like a copy of the materials prior to the Zoom meeting. 

Click this link to watch the video:
"A Reuben By Any Other Name"

View our full calendar  here .
President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) through Or Chadash
Congratulations to Jordyn Moscowitz, Cassondra Stoter, and Ben Weiss, three Or Chadash student volunteers, who were recognized with the 2020 President's Volunteer Service Award for their completed service hours from March 1, 2019 - February 29, 2020.

Did you know that Or Chadash is a certifying organization of the 
President's Volunteer Service Award?  

The  PVSA  recognizes U.S. citizens who have achieved the required number of hours of service over a 12-month time period. The awards are offered in multiple levels and include bronze, silver, and gold, based on the number of service hours completed and the age of the volunteer. In order for you or your child to have qualifying hours, Or Chadash must be the recipient of the volunteer service, or a facilitator of the service. All service must be unpaid, volunteer, and take place within the one year period specified.

PLEASE NOTE: The next qualifying period runs from March 1, 2020 - February 28, 2021.  Please keep track of your hours and required documentation will need to be submitted to Cindy Stoter at the end of the service time period. Please reach out to Cindy if you would like more information or if have any additional questions.

While this strange time in our lives drags on, Or Chadash families continue to shine in many ways! So many families contributed to the fundraiser for the Hunterdon Medical Center, and Or Chadash benefited as well; the Panera scrip donated to HMC also earned Or Chadash nearly $200. Thank you!

In addition, we have seen an increase in ScripNow orders for the month of April, as families take advantage of this instant-scrip option. Thank you for making the effort to use scripNow for online purchases this month at: Amazon, Lowe's, WalMart, Grubhub, Panera, American Eagle, Nike, The Children's Place, and PF Changs!

We have our May order deadline coming up, if it works for you to place an order this month: Friday, May 15.

If you are making any donations of gift cards to support various organizations, please consider doubling your gift by using scrip. Add an extra $25 of ShopRite or Stop&Shop scrip, if you are helping out any of our local food pantries. If you are enrolled in Presto Pay, you can purchase ScripNow (instant printable or emailable scrip) any time from retailers that offer this option. Using scrip for your donations benefits the organization that is the recipient and also benefits Or Chadash. A double mitzvah!!

A reminder that if you do any shopping on Amazon, please use smile.amazon.com to designate OC as beneficiary, and also please buy Amazon scrip to make your purchases. Double pay to Or Chadash, and no cost to you at all. If you are doing any online shopping, please consider buying scrip to make those purchases.

BONUS! As always, remember: Or Chadash gives you 25% of your earnings back, as a credit towards your dues. The more your purchases earn for OC, the more you earn for yourself as dues credit. Win-win!

Here is how our orders are adding up for the 2019-2020 fiscal year:

September 23


TOTAL dollars Or Chadash is giving back to members as dues credit: $1,430.

Please contact Christine Berg with any questions: cberg3@comcast.net.

Thank you for your support! Hope you are feeling healthy and staying safe!

CRESCENDO  [Rated NR, 1 hour and 52 minutes]
When world-famous conductor Eduard Sporck accepts the job to create an Israeli-Palestinian youth orchestra, he is quickly drawn into a tempest of sheer unsolvable problems. Having grown up in a state of war, suppression or constant risk of terrorist attacks, the young musicians from both sides are far from able to form a team. Lined up behind the two best violinists - the emancipated Palestinian Layla and the handsome Israeli Ron - they form two parties who deeply mistrust each other, on and off-stage alike. Will Sporck succeed and make the young people forget their hatred, at least for the three weeks until the concert? With the first glimmer of hope, however, the political opponents of the orchestra show them how strong they are...
Thursday, May 14th 8:00 PM - Virtual "Fireside Chat" with Sarah Hurwitz
CCAR Rabbis of Small(er) URJ Congregations and Congregation Kol Ami invite your communities to join us for a virtual "Fireside Chat" with Sarah Hurwitz, former speechwriter for First Lady Michelle Obama and author of Here All Along: Finding Meaning, Spirituality, and a Deeper Connection to Life - in Judaism (After Finally Choosing to Look There).

Please register in advance for this webinar:

From 2009 to 2017, Sarah Hurwitz served as a White House speechwriter, first as a senior speechwriter for President Barack Obama and then as head speechwriter for First Lady Michelle Obama. Prior to serving in the Obama Administration, Sarah was chief speechwriter for Hillary Clinton on her 2008 presidential campaign. Sarah is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law school.

Ms. Hurwitz is not charging us for this program, but asks that instead we make contributions to Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger (mazon.org), or your local food bank. We also encourage you to purchase copies of Here All Along from your local independent bookstore.
Starts Tuesday, May 19th - The Great Big Jewish Food Fest
The Great Big Jewish Food Fest seeks to celebrate the diversity of Jewish food, from its rich global history, its diversity of flavors and identities, its religious and cultural foundations, and its intersection with modernity. Food plays a powerful role in the transmission of familial and collective history, the weaving of our social fabric, and the activation of our personal identities.
Festival programs will engage taste buds and hands, minds and hearts through shabbat gatherings, community-focused events, presentations by leading chefs, scholars, and thinkers, cooking workshops and demonstrations, and conversations. Food is a 'text' to understand our lives, history, values and culture. The Festival seeks to elevate the field of Jewish food, with all the meaning, history, interpretation, creativity and quality it represents. A new generation of food professionals are breathing fresh life into traditional Jewish foods and building a field that is built on "quality, freshness, care and creativity", as Jeffrey Yoskowitz and Liz Alpern of The Gefilteria (and leaders of our programming team) say. Join us to be inspired, entertained and educated.

A Virtual Festival
Yes, this is a completely free online festival! Over 10 days we will have a variety of events, all of which will take place over Zoom, Instagram Live and Facebook Live. Most events take place in real time, with a few events available to dip into anytime. Most events are 1 hour long, with a few that are 30-minute happy hours or longer cooking workshops or social gatherings.

Reserve Your Spot
Browse the schedule and sign up for any and all events you'd like to explore. We'll send you the link and instructions on how to participate, then get comfy and come join us! Some events have limited space, so sign up to claim your spot! Drop your email and we'll notify you when the full schedule is posted. Attire: Slippers and sweatpants are completely acceptable. BYOB.

Festival Schedule
Click HERE to see the current schedule of events. More events being added daily. Times and details are subject to change. Full schedule, details and registration soon. Sign up to be notified when registration goes live on May 6th.

The SSBJCC has live events and virtual activities all listed on its 
Scroll down to see all of the events

We have discovered that some restaurants and farm stands have grocery store  and household items available for purchase.
Please go to the websites of the places below to learn more. 
Curbside  pick up is available, and delivery options, too!
If you have others to share, please email me.

Clean Plate Kitchen (Clinton)  https://www.cleanplateclinton.com/

Melicks Farm Stand (Oldwick)  https://www.melickstownfarm.com/

BrooksideFarms(GlenGardner)  https://www.facebook.com/brooksidefarmsnj/

Platform One (Flemington)  www.platformonenj.com

Metropolitan Seafood www.metroseafood.com

Please stay safe and stay home.

Join any of the guest speakers listed below 
for different perspectives on resilience and hope.

Please see the Zoom link for the lecture series:
Or Chadash is encouraging members to help other members at this time of need.  If you can help our community and would like to let others know - please feel free to share it with us, so we can share it with all of you.
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As someone who works with collaboration technology on a regular basis, I would be more than happy to be a resource to help test or troubleshoot Zoom connectivity. From initial setup to test calls, feel free to reach out to me during the day to proactively get setup and comfortable prior to upcoming Or Chadash virtual gatherings

If you have any other technology needs, don't hesitate to reach out. I'll do what I can.

Feel free to text or email me:
Mike Wolf
(267) 872-4708

Talk soon!
Mishkan T'filah for Shabbat  - A Reform Siddur

A Kindle version of our prayer book is available on Amazon for only $4.99.

Click on the image of the book or this link:

Also, a FREE online version is available from CCAR Press:

Click here for the FREE online version.
Did you know that your Amazon purchases can benefit Or Chadash with a charitable donation from the AmazonSmile Foundation when you shop at AmazonSmile? Just use the smile.amazon.com link when you go to shop.

To learn more about AmazonSmile, click HERE .


Rabbi Joseph M. Forman ( Rabbi)
Cantor Kathy Gohr ( Cantor)
Betsy Zalaznick ( Educator)
Debbie Weiss ( President)
Glenn Wasserman ( Vice President)
Jeff Berg ( Treasurer)
Laura Senator ( Secretary)

Phone: 908-806-2122

OFFICE HOURS - Please call to schedule an appointment.

These are hard times as we all know. As always and during this pandemic, Hunterdon Helpline is trying 24-7 to meet the needs of vulnerable populations who are challenged in a safe and organized manner for both the receiver and the giver.

In addition to being open to assist as always for any challenge at any time, Helpline has situation-particular services that we are providing:
  • Community Information web page updated regularly for access to available services and needs, including government, nonprofits, business and other organizations: http://www.helplinehc.org/community-information.html
  • Food Access for vulnerable populations: Call (908) 782-4357
  • Direct Relief Services Volunteer Registration and Matching to programs / services / organizations: Call (908) 782-4357 or email volunteerprograms@helplinehc.org or download registration form on the Community Information page: http://www.helplinehc.org/community-information.html
  • Community Translation Center - volunteers on-call for telephone conferencing
  • Regular Outreach and Intakes from community organizations for what they are still providing: email communityinformation@helplinehc.org to update
  • Our Senior and Disability Services Telephone Reassurance program is available for new clients wishing to be checked in on daily and receive information
  • Helpline continues to register people for Citizen Alert and Register Ready if they are unable to do themselves.
We ask that you share this with your congregation. We welcome volunteers. We are here for those who need assistance because of the pandemic or because, as we know, life goes on. Hunterdon Helpline has, for 50 years, provided assistance and connection to services to our continually updated database of 1500-plus programs and services. All one has to do is call: (908) 782-4357 or 1-800-272-4630.

If you have begun an effort of your own, please send the information to  communityinformation@helplinehc.org and we will share it on our Community Information web page.

Thank you for your service to the community.

Stay well,
 - Susan

Susan R.G. Lax, MCIS
Executive Director
Hunterdon Helpline