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It was wonderful to see so many new faces and familiar friends at our amazing Season 8 Opener with b estselling author and international speaker  Thomas Moore! 

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Our next Jung Society of Utah event is on March 9, 2017 and will be on The Shadow Dance of the Masculine and Feminine, presented by our local and soulful speaker Theresa Holleran. See below for more details, and put the event already in your calendar! 
It is going to be fantastic and magical!

There is a fascinating online course with former Jung Society speaker Dr. Aaron Kipnis on The Psychology of Money starting Nov 8th, and you will receive access to the audio and video recordings as well. Then there is the opportunity to learn for a year with former Jung Society speaker Robert Bosnak in this course Sparking Creative Intelligence.

Free webinar via Jung Platform on Dreams with Michael Conforti, January 12th. Includes a free audio recording of the live event. Free sign up  here.

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Jung Society of Utah event:
The Shadow Dance of the Feminine and Masculine
March 9, 2017

by Theresa Holleran

The Shadow Dance of the Feminine and Masculine

"Except for the point, the still point, there would be no dance, 
and there is only the dance. "
T.S. Eliott

Carl Jung believed that the culmination of the Soul's journey is the integration of opposites within the psyche: feminine/masculine; conscious/unconscious; divine/human. Each of us, regardless of our gender identity or sexual preference, must grapple with the inner dance of Feminine and Masculine energies in our search for wholeness and the well-lived life.
This movement from opposition to paradox is no easy task. The journey is often littered with inner and outer conflicts, positive and negative projections, longings, and disappointments, as we find our way out of the madness, confusion, and darkness of opposing values, desires, ideals and possibilities, into the evolutionary leap of the Sacred Inner Marriage.
Join us for an evening of myth, dreaming, storytelling, poetry, lecture and dialogue as we explore the creative, transformative, and visionary potential of the Conscious Feminine and Masculine within each of us. We will investigate how the Feminine and Masculine archetypes, in both their positive and negative aspects, inform our sense of meaning, purpose and wholeness, the quality of our relationships, and our ability to tend to the "soul of the world" in the face of seemingly insurmountable global dilemmas.

Theresa Holleran L.C.S.W is a Depth Psychotherapist, teacher, and facilitator with over 40 years experience. She has taught graduate courses in Transpersonal Psychology, Eco-psychology, and Process Work, and has co-created national and in
ternational retreats and sacred journeys in both urban and wilderness settings on themes of embodied healing and transformation, suffering, wisdom and resilience, and the Sacred Inner Marriage. She currently works with individuals, relationships, groups and communities in her private group practice at Mountain Lotus Counseling in Salt Lake City. Her work is predicated on knowing that each person has an inherent destiny that can be revealed through the exploration of the unconscious and its effects on consciousness and that personal individuation is directly tied to the fate of our planet.

Date: March 9, 2017
Time: 7-9 with mingling before and after
Location: Salt Air Room at the U of U. 200 S Central Campus Drive, Salt Lake City,Utah 84112

Cost: donation appreciated, everybody welcome
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Cheryl Forester manages public relations and art for the Jung Society of Utah.
Cheryl has experienced numerous facets of media, ranging from marketing strategy for companies like NBC, Clear Channel and assisting global brands with digital marketing working with one of the top digital firms in the world, Rakuten. She is also a successful brand designer and created her own brand, a women's clothing and handbag company, that was featured in Vogue.
Cheryl is also an exceptionally gifted intuitive and futurist. She has a long track record of spotting trends well before the rest of us. She combines her marketing skills and intuition to help brands use creative and intellectually stimulated messaging. She forges an eclectic and rich professional repertoire to connect brands to the right people at the right time. 
Cheryl is a highly skilled intuitive, who uses symbology and intuition to decipher the language of the tarot for her individual clients and in her popular classes. She nurtures spiritual experience to define meaning and urgency for her clients worldwide. Her unique approach to the language of the soul can be accessed through her soul path readings, merging the ancient art of divination and tuning into frequency to create accurate forecast cycles for leaders and clients across the globe. This unique approach ("remembering the soul contracts") helps her clients find a unique external expression of their internal knowing. (Numerology, Astrology, Palmistry and Tarot) She is passionate about assisting women find a way to return to the Feminine, a way of achieving a more fluid life by honoring the timeless feminine gifts.  Cherella's gift is Futurists. 
Cheryl Forester:  AKA Cherella thepracticecollective.com  Soul Path Readings TM 
She can be reached for personal readings at  801-979-7590 

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Great courses from Jung Platform!
The Midas Complex: How Money Drives Us Crazy and What We Can Do About It. 

A four-week course with world-renowned expert and author on this topic: Dr. Aaron Kipnis begins November 8th.

Enjoy a 4-minute video clip with Aaron Kipnis on money  here

Money is much more than a piece of paper, a coin, plastic card or number in an account. It is also a psychological complex as powerful and multifaceted as any other in psychology. This Webinar is about the deep psychology of Money. We will discuss the various ways in which Money affects us, both individually and as an entire culture. The goal of the webinar is to become more aware of the ways in which Money can, often unconsciously, impact the major decisions and choices we make in life. What we can bring into consciousness has the potential to give us greater freedom and fulfillment in how we shape our lives. 

Cost:  $89 (includes free audio recording of the event).

Enroll HERE.

Sparking Creative Intelligence

A Practical Training Program to manifest innovative ideas in business, art and science

We all get stuck in habits of consciousness. This makes us receive ideas solely through a single channel. Intelligence, as we know from the study of dreaming, occurs on multiple channels simultaneously. The Embodied Imagination® method you will learn in this training program gives access to information existing beyond habitual consciousness. This is essential for any form of innovation, be it in business, art or science.

From the beginning of Western philosophy, ideas have been understood as autonomous living forces the human imagination can tap into. Alchemy tells us that ideas organize s around creative sparks that need to be freed from their opaque crust in order to manifest as breakthrough information.

This year long course will teach professionals in business, arts and sciences to attune to these innovative ideas that exist just outside our ordinary reach. The goal is to spark the same world-creating dreaming powers that engender complete worlds every night, more real than any virtual reality has produced thus far.

Participants will be introduced to methods of directed dreaming that go back three millennia and have been proven successful in contemporary applications.

The objective of this course is to train participants to independently access living autonomous creative ideas and to bring them to manifestation in the world. Each participant is strongly encouraged to bring creative projects in their field of endeavor on which they wish to work during this training course.

Learn more HERE.

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The Art of Cowry Shell Divination with Malidoma Somé

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Conversation with the Other World: 
Indigenous Counseling Therapy

Starts November 2016

This is a very special opportunity to enroll in a one year educational program with Malidoma Somé.

For whom is this education?
Are you intuitive? Do you trust your instincts? Do you have vivid dreams that sometimes wake you up in the middle of the night? Do you sometimes feel the energy of people around you? An affirmative to any of these questions signal a diviner in you. 

Teacher: Malidoma Patrice Somé is from Burkina Faso, West Africa. In his native language, Malidoma means "be friends with the stranger". A gifted medicine man of the Dagara tribe, he holds three master's degrees and two doctorates, from the Sorbonne and Brandeis. He is the author of  Of Water and the Spirit. He is a spokesperson and storyteller of the African Wisdom tradition.

Weekend Training Course Dates: 
November 19-20, 2016
March 18-19, 2017
June 24-25, 2017
October 19-22, 2017
Time: Saturdays 9-6pm
         Sunday 8am-12/noon

Location: Orlando

More information HERE.
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