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We have deconstruction opportunities coming soon......Check our website, Instagram and Facebook pages for more details.

House "soft strips" coming - cabinets flooring, windows and all the rest .Most of the materials recovered will be donated to charitable organizations by the owners, and we will direct you to those places. But we will also sell directly off the job site. Most of these materials will be advertised on our Instagram, Facebook and Website shopping pages ( see links on left). But it does not hurt to ask if you are looking for something ,as we are not able to advertise every single item. You can also drop in at our Fairhaven Furniture location on Fridays and Saturdays 10-3, but obviously you will not see the materials that are still at our job sites. But you may see something that is otherwise is not advertised ! Remember, this is mining , not shopping. 

Recent memo on deconstruction versus demolition on our website located here.

Living room, C. 1905. We are bidding the salvage of all of the trim and flooring, windows, doors and other finishes of this fabulous house. 

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Ct. Class B Demolition License 2013

Phone: (203) 287-0852