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Countdown to a Whole Day for Whole Grain... Only 3+ Weeks to Go!
With our Whole Day for Whole Grain celebration just around the corner, now is the perfect time to plan your social media posts if you haven't already. We have lots of ideas to get you started!
Share Your Love of Whole Grains with Your Followers
Check out our graphics and social media ideas for inspiration. We have tips for participating in the Whole Day for Whole Grain event, both online and off, and we have lots of ideas for manufacturers who want to leverage this day to spotlight their products—you can offer a discount or coupon, run a giveaway, or record a short whole grain video to share on your social platforms. Let us know if you have last minute questions or need help locating resources!
Opportunity for Foodservice Members to Speak with USDA
USDA has asked us to facilitate some conversations with foodservice industry members regarding whole grain-rich formulations and school meal standards. This is an important opportunity to have a voice in the policy making process! There will be two discussion sessions:

  • Thurs 3/10, from 2-3pm ET
  • Wed 3/16, from 11-12pm ET
New Research from WGC Reveals Growth in Whole Grain Products
New research from the WGC team, published last month in Nutrients, demonstrates just how much progress there has been in making whole grain options more accessible in both US and Latin American markets.
Upcoming Whole Grain Webinar on April 6 at 2pm ET
In this session, titled, "Communicating Whole Grain Content to Shoppers: What Food Makers Need to Know," WGC experts will share insights from a newly-published study, dive into survey data findings about what product attributes are most important to consumers, and offer a brief overview of the regulatory differences in whole grain labeling across a few key markets.
WGI Puts Consensus Definition For Whole Grains on the Table
The Whole Grain Initiative has published a global consensus definition for whole grain as an ingredient and for whole grain foods. The new definition promotes uniformity and consistency and will serve as the basis for advocacy efforts to standardize whole grain definitions. WGI encourages the adoption of these definitions by national and regional authoritative bodies, as well as by industry.
Social Media Resource of the Month
Check out all our Whole Day for Whole Grain graphics as you plan your social media messaging for March 30th.

We invite you to share this gif on social media to help build excitement as the 30th approaches. When you do, tag @wholegrains_council, and we'll engage with your post!
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