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Majorities in top migrant destination countries say immigrants strengthen their countries, according to a 2018 Pew Research Center survey of 18 countries that host half of the world's migrants. Learn more here.  
Patient Profile
Like many other Casa patients, "Osiris" found out about Casa's clinic services shortly after he arrived in the St. Louis region from friends and family who were already patients here. 

His move to St. Louis was not planned, so by the time he made it to his first appointment he had run out of the small supply of medication he brought with him from home, so his medical conditions had become uncontrolled and were causing him a great deal of pain. 

Osiris knew the names and doses of all the medications  he'd been taking previously, but some of them aren't available in the United States. Others are, but are very expensive.

The Casa volunteer physician seeing Osiris reviewed these medications with him and they came up with a plan to switch to a combination of medications that are both affordable and available in the U.S. 

However, our physician expressed some concern that this might not be enough to control Osiris' symptoms, so they scheduled a short-interval follow up appointment and arranged to have some lab monitoring done the following week. 

When Osiris returned he wasn't completely back to normal, but showed marked improvement that suggested the new regimen would likely  be successful at helping him be well. 

Osiris' story illustrates the ways a careful, personalized and person-centered approach to care with a healthy dose of creativity and close follow-up can help promote continuity and wellness amid the challenges that so many Casa patients face.

Volunteer Spotlight
Since July of 2015, Vicki Moran, PhD, RN, has been serving as a volunteer nurse at Casa, conducting home visits for diabetic and hypertensive patients. 

Vicki has been an Registered Nurse since 1994 working in a variety of settings at SSM Saint Louis University Hospital including the trauma intensive care unit, the emergency department, the post anesthesia care unit, and the trauma department.  She is also a full-time assistant professor of nursing at SLU.   

Vicki Moran
In reference to working with patients with diabetes, Vicki says, "My passion with diabetes started 12 years ago when I volunteered at the American Diabetes Association Camp for children living with type 1 diabetes. Since my first summer in 2007, I have been taking nursing students to camp and our primary responsibility has been checking blood sugars of 130 campers at night. Three years ago, I started volunteering in the diabetes home visit program at Casa. I have really enjoyed visiting clients in their home and evaluating the factors that affect their diabetes first hand."
As of this past month, Vicki has also begun to serve in the clinic providing additional diabetes education on-site for patients. Thank you Vicki for all you do!
Friends of Casa Event
We had such great success with the Amazing Cherokee Street Race last year that Friends of Casa will be organizing it again this year!

The Amazing Cherokee Street Race comes your way on July 13. Look for more details in the coming months. 
Supporting Casa
We are thankful  to the Kuhn Foundation  for its generous contribution to Casa de Salud. We also express our appreciation to the Ladue Chapel Presbyterian Church  for its donation and recognition of our work at its annual dinner.  
You can mail a check to our office at 3200 Chouteau Avenue, St. Louis, 63103. You can give on line through our website .
Your generosity makes Casa de Salud the premier resource for affordable and quality care for the foreign-born community in the St. Louis region!
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Casa de Salud - Compassionate Path to Wellness 
Casa Founder to be Honored 
Casa de Salud founder, Bob Fox will receive the 2019 FOCUS Leadership Award from FOCUS St. Louis at their annual What's Right with the Region celebration in May.
Bob Fox 
This prestigious award is presented annually to individuals who demonstrate innovative leadership, generate a meaningful impact in the community, and encourage strong leadership in others.
A successful entrepreneur and founder of NewSpace, Inc., Bob is best known for his ongoing philanthropic work, particularly through his founding of Casa de Salud in 2010.
Bob also has a passion for improving education. He has been a trustee of Saint Louis University since 2006, and was the founding chair of InspireSTL, a nonprofit that supports high-potential, underserved middle school students with academic support and access to college prep high schools. He and his wife, Maxine Clark, are founding sponsors of Teach for America and helped launch the first KIPP charter schools in St. Louis.
"As a St. Louis native, Bob cares deeply for our region, and his contributions can be seen everywhere you look," said Mark Grieman, board chair for FOCUS St. Louis. "He brings an entrepreneur's eye to every opportunity he encounters and applies this spirit of innovation and collaboration to making our region a better place."
With the establishment of the Clark-Fox Family Foundation in 2004 and the Clark-Fox Policy Institute at the Brown School of Social Work and Public Health in 2015, Bob continues to support and advocate for programs, policy, and research around social justice issues, ranging from mass incarceration to child well-being. A founding member of the Gephardt National Council for Civic and Community Engagement at Washington University, he supports and mentors a cohort of Civic Scholars.
On behalf of everyone at Casa de Salud, congratulations to Bob Fox on his well-deserved recognition for leadership and commitment to our region.
¡Zocaloco! 2019 
This year we are hosting an online auction in conjunction with ¡Zocaloco!  This auction will run online through 5pm on Friday May 3rd.  For the top ticket items, it will resume as a silent auction at ¡Zocaloco!  2019.  High bidders will be carried over from the online auction to the bid sheets at the live event.
We would also like to thank our most recent sponsors of ¡Zocaloco! 2019.
Platinum Sponsors
The Steward Family Foundation
World Wide Technology Foundation 
  Gold Sponsors
Hunter Engineering
Saint Louis University
Silver Sponsors
John & Crystal Beuerlein
Lodging Hospitality Management
Staenberg Family Foundation 
Washington University
Bronze Sponsors
Cynthia Brinkley 
Richard & Stacey Liekweg
Kenneth Mares
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John and Ellen Wallace   
World Trade Center/St. Louis Mosaic Project 
Join us on May 4 at Saint Louis University's Wool Ballroom as we honor Mark Wrighton, Chancellor of Washington University, with our Visionary Award, and Risa Zwerling Wrighton, who will receive our Community Champion Award.  
Come support Casa while enjoying food and music from around the world! Individual tickets and sponsorships are on sale now on our website.
For more information or to purchase ads in our event program, call 314-977-1274 or email Lori at
Friends of Casa
In February, Friends of Casa President Geoff Whitlock moved to Washington, DC, where he and his wife are pursuing exciting career opportunities. We are so grateful to Geoff for all of the hard work he put into Friends and we will certainly miss him.

On his departure, Coral Christopher was elected to lead the organization. Coral previously served as Membership Chair. 
   Coral Christopher
Her background in Communications and Public Relations, which she exercises daily in her job at Missouri Baptist University, makes her exceptionally qualified to increase awareness and help Friends of Casa to grow!
Provider and Staff Anniversaries
Casa is grateful to the  following medical providers who celebrate their anniversaries with us this month:
Natalie Small, APRN-CNP - 4 years 
Cristina Walden, MD - 1 year
A very special thanks to Craig Holzem, MD, who has volunteered as a medical provider at Casa since its opening year of 2010. 
Casa is thankful for its staff and recognizes the following anniversaries:
Xorge Hernandez, Receptionist - 1 year 
Evelyn Olivas, Receptionist - 1 year
Letter from the President
Last month, at the invitation of Washington University, I participated in a Satellite Symposium at the Consortium of Universities for Global Health Meeting in Chicago. One of my fellow panelists was Linda Rae Murray, MD, MPH, from the University of Illinois. She bemoaned the phenomenon of "death from despair" that so many people, especially those who are poor and/or members of minority groups, are succumbing to in the United States.
Her comments, as well as many of the other speakers, stuck with me, and it was through that lens that I read  an article covering the proliferation of urgent care centers across the St. Louis region. One reason for this huge growth, according to the piece, is that "hospitals are really getting into it."
But, the article goes on, for the hospital systems to make these ventures profitable, they have to narrow their focus to more affluent neighborhoods. For example, in Chesterfield, there are four competing urgent care facilities all less than five miles from each other. Laurel Stoimenoff, CEO of the Urgent Care Association, puts it quite bluntly: "What are the affluent neighborhoods? Where will people have insurance?"
Urgent care centers can play a very useful role in the healthcare system, lowering the burden on emergency departments and giving patients more options for care. But care must be taken that this doesn't devolve into another example of healthcare as commodity, where only those able to pay have access, choice, and convenience.
The guiding light for decision-making in the healthcare field must be how our actions relieve suffering, not how we profit from it. As Dr. Murray said, we must be part of the community's struggles. Let our questions be: "Where are the neighborhoods that are suffering? Where are the people who have no access?" I suspect these are the questions that first motivated most people who got into healthcare. Let's not forget why we chose to do this work.  
Jorge Riopedre 
President & CEO, Casa de Salud

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