Monthly Update
Since 2001, the share of Americans who favor increased legal immigration into the U.S. has risen 22 percentage points (from 10% to 32%), while the share who support a decrease has declined 29 points (from 53% to 24%).  Read more here. 
Patient Profile
"Adrian" came to Casa de Salud as a new patient last month. He was referred to Casa after testing at another organization had failed to explain the persistent lower back pain he'd been struggling with for some time.
When Adrian arrived, he was visibly anxious and somewhat difficult to understand due to his pressured speech. He insisted to the receptionist that he needed a prescription to treat what he was sure was a kidney infection and was upset that this couldn't be guaranteed before committing to an appointment.
Fortunately, Adrian was able to see a provider that same day.  He spent nearly 30 with the medical assistant, narrating a history of recent urgent care visits for these same complaints that failed to provide relief and displaying a bag full of partially-completed antibiotics he'd collected over time. He then spent another 45 minutes with the physician.
When his appointment ended,  Adrian was noticeably more relaxed, even though he had received not a prescription but instead a referral for physical therapy to treat his back pain. Upon being asked by the discharge staff, "What questions do you have about your visit today?" Adrian replied, "Just one - why haven't I heard of you guys before? I feel like this is the first time somebody actually listened to me."
While not immune to time limitations and other constraints, Casa strives to be a place where both patients and providers have the time they need to listen to one another. Adrian's physician took the time needed to listen to his story. So when she offered him a diagnosis and recommendations, the physician had already earned Adrian's trust. He was therefore confident in and willing to participate in her plan, even though it wasn't what he had expected at the beginning.
Volunteer Spotlight

This month our Spotlight shines on a new Casa
volunteer, Vianca Cuevas Soulette.  
Since starting last month, Vianca has contributed more than 30 hours of service as a Volunteer Medical Interpreter. Her previous volunteer and educational experience outside of Casa is making her a key asset for our volunteer team during the summer months.  
Vianca Cuevas Soulette

Vianca obtained a degree in microbiology last year from the University of Puerto Rico in Arecibo, and she is currently pursuing a Master's of Public Health with a specialization in epidemiology and biostatistics from Washington University in Saint Louis. Her research interest is in treatment for addiction.
Most of her previous volunteer service was with a Puerto Rican organization called "Angeles de la Noche" (Angels of the Night), providing food, clothing, footwear, syringe exchange and healthcare to the homeless community during the evenings.
After Hurricane Maria, Vianca traveled home to Puerto Rico during Christmas break and worked by distributing relief supplies to the homeless community in her town. She returned to Saint Louis and now also volunteers with a group called "What Breaks your Heart," helping the homeless in the downtown area.
We look forward to continuing to have Vianca's talent, passion, and dedication with us to benefit all who come to Casa for care. 
Casa in Photos

Mary Shannon, GUIA Program Coordinator, speaks at the St. Louis Regional Breast Health Navigators meeting regarding "Access to Care for Foreign-born Patients."
Jorge Riopedre and Ruth Vilches (far right) represent Casa to welcome Ben
Goldman-Israelow (2nd from left), a member of the Gephardt Institute National Council and the inspiration for the Goldman Fellows Program at Washington University.   
Supporting Casa
Please, consider a tax deductible donation to Casa today. You can mail a check to our office at 3200 Chouteau Avenue, St. Louis, 63103, give on line, or by texting "casa" to 314-270-1992.
Your generosity makes Casa de Salud the premier resource for affordable and quality care for the foreign-born community in the St. Louis region!
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Casa de Salud - Compassionate Path to Wellness 
Welcome Maria Riofrio
Casa is happy to announce that Maria Riofrio has been hired as our new Volunteer Coordinator.  
Maria was born and raised in Peru, although she lived for seven years in Spain while raising her family. Shen graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a Master's degree in International Affairs. 

Maria Riofrio
"Empowering people from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds is my passion," Maria says, "So I am very thankful for having the opportunity to work as Volunteer Coordinator to accomplish Casa's mission."
Maria enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, taking Zumba classes and hiking.  
All of us at Casa welcome Maria and are happy to have her on the team!
Tacos and Trivia
Make sure to sign up for the Amazing Taco Race Scavenger Hunt on July 14 and the annual Trivia Night on August 4, both sponsored by Casa de Salud's affiliate
group, Friends of Casa.
For more information about either of these events contact the Event Chair, Lauren Masterson-Rodriguez.  If you're interested in joining Friends of Casa, contact the group's Membership Chair, Cristina Duncan. 
Casa Board Members Honored

Bob Fox, Founder and Immediate Past Chair of Casa, and Board Member at Large Fr. Chris Collins, SJ, were honored last month for their respective contributions.
Bob Fox (center) receives his award from the
St. Louis Chapter of the NAACP 
Bob, along with his wife, Maxine Clark, received the Frankie Freeman/Norman Seay Commitment to St. Louis Award from the NAACP St. Louis Chapter for their support of social justice and the advancement of civil rights across Missouri.

Fr. Chris Collins, SJ
Fr. Chris was recognized by St. Francis Community Services for his work at Saint Louis University to challenge students to question policies in areas such as immigration and mass incarceration, and to stand with the weak and vulnerable.
Congratulations to Bob and Fr. Chris for their well-deserved honors!
Provider Anniversaries

Casa thanks the following providers who celebrate their anniversaries with us this month:
Nancy Avena, PT - 2 Years

Janet Keim, NP - 7 Years  

Gary Ratkin, MD
- 6 Years 
Casa Welcomes a New Provider

Casa thanks the following physician who has joined our cadre of medical providers that care on a volunteer basis for our patients:
James Duffy, MD - Internal Medicine 
Letter from the President
For those of us who care about America's commitment to internationalism in general and about our treatment of immigrants and refugees in particular, it's a difficult time right now. We know, of course, about the separation of families at the southern border and what amounts to the internment of children, some reportedly as young as three months of age. And the Supreme Court of the United States late last month upheld the Trump Administration travel ban that targets people in Muslim countries.
This is very troubling, and so wrongheaded. The peaceful coexistence of religions, emanating from the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, has allowed America to largely escape the violence and unrest that bedeviled other nations during the course of history. And we know that the foreign born have contributed enormously to this country. In fact, a report commissioned by the Department of Health and Human Services of the current Administration showed that refugees brought in $63 billion more in government revenues over the past decade than they cost.
So what is left for us to do? A Jewish colleague recently suggested that our response must be " tikkun olam." Pronounced tee-KOON oh-LUHM, it means "to repair the world." It implies that all of us have a responsibility to change, improve, and restore our earthly surroundings, not only for our own good but for the good of future generations.
How we go about that is left up to us. For some it is prayer, for others it is activism, still others try to repair the world in the simple acts of their daily lives. Regardless of how we choose to do it, the key is to not become despondent in the face of what may seem like overwhelming cruelty and evil. Repair, not despair, is our daily calling.
Jorge Riopedre
President, Casa de Salud

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