Dear Church,

I have some COVID 19 virus information to share below.  But first ....

As Clarke Orzalli shared on Sunday, four of us attended a meeting on Saturday.  We learned that many of the UCC churches in our immediate area are going through difficult transitions and have some very significant decisions ahead.  We are in a different place.  We have a vibrant and progressive, radically-inclusive, Christian ministry, with a heart for social justice.  We are one of the few Christian churches in our region with this expression of the Gospel.  We have the opportunity on Saturday imagine how the First Church congregation will live our faith over the next 20 years!

Every voice is important: new to the church or a member of long standing!

Here is an update of the details.  There will be breakfast! at 8:30am.  

We will have childcare available. Let us know if you will be bringing the kids for the day, the morning or the afternoon.

Please plan to attend!!!!

All Church Retreat 
Saturday March 7th UUCGL/Swampscott 
8:30AM to 3 PM.  
101 Forest Ave, Swampscott, MA 01907
First Church - What might it look like in 20 years? Who could we be in 20 years? What could we be about? We each have a voice; let's talk.
Breakfast - Lunch - Child Care - Time to spend together

The Council have put together an exciting program.  Amy Weston will lead worship and will nurture our spirits. 
We will also have fun!  
Meet people, get to know each other outside of the Sunday morning routine, and participate in forming a vision for our future.

We hope you can join us for the whole time - but come for whatever your schedule allows.

God help us all
Pastor Ian


I would like to ask you to think of our older members.  Do you have their phone number?  Can you check in with them from time to time?   What are their concerns and fears as they watch the news?  Can you make some cross-generational connections in the next weeks that can strengthen us now and support us later?

On Sunday we began our first Sunday of greeting and blessing each other with elbow bumps and bows - no hand shakes or hugs!  We will be reviewing all our practices and will suggest further measures especially if there is cluster of infections in our area.  Currently, there are none.   We are in a region that is at low risk.    Right now, these measures will help protect us against the flu and common cold.

Soon, we will also have access to Zoom video and phone conference call technology that will allow us to meet virtually.   We can hold meetings together, even if some are travelling, or can't participate in person.   We can also create a phone list for people who are less comfortable with technology.  

Our denomination, The United Church of Christ, has just communicated some important information too, with a note entitled Church and the Coronavirus.  There is a dedicated page on the Disaster Resources website, and a Pandemic Preparations Checklist for church preparation.  We will take the time to review all this information and employ best practices in the weeks ahead.

40 Monument Avenue
Swampscott, MA 01907

Senior Pastor:  The Rev. Ian Holland
Community Minister:  The Rev. William Simpson
Ministerial Intern:  Amy Weston
Director of Music Ministries: Patricia Clark

Church Council 2019-20

Chair:  Karen Rose Brown

Clerk:  Dale Orzalli
Treasurer:  Lynn Lindsey

Members:  Bill Brauner, Lynn Lindsey, Anne Potts, Dan Ryan

The cornerstone of the sanctuary
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