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Local Chambers Networking

Thursday, 4th March 10:00am - 11:30am

Members- £10 per person
Non-Members – £15 per person

A great way to hear what Chambers are doing across a wider local area to support businesses and most importantly a way to grow your network and do more business.
These events are always popular so do try to be with us.
London is named top city in the world to invest in as LA plummets in global league revealed by financial giant Schroders
(courtesy of Alex Sebastian for This Is Money) 
Hounslow’s approach to the Government’s four-step roadmap out of lockdown – we’ve just included the first two, so we don’t get ahead of ourselves.

The UK will be coming out of lockdown over the course of the next few months following the Government's four-step roadmap announcement.
For now, nothing has changed. Hounslow and the rest of the country is under national lockdown. Residents must continue to follow the restrictionsget tested regularly regardless of symptoms, and encourage each other to take the vaccine when we are offered it . 

These are the things we need to do so we don't lose this opportunity and ensure there is a chance to return to normal life on 21 June.

We will keep you updated as these restrictions change.

The UK's leading hardware accelerator at CRL is recruiting for the 2021 cohort

Are you building a product based startup? This is your chance to join the UK’s leading hardware accelerator and work alongside an incredible team of product designers, investment experts and industry mentors all focused on helping you accelerate towards manufacture, investment and commercial success.

Notable award winning alumni include, Aceleron, creating sustainable lithium batteries, who were amongst the top 10 shortlisted for the 2019 Telegraph Tech 4 Good Pioneers. CosiCare, a female-led tech startup focused on alleviating the symptoms of Eczema and winning the 2019 Mayor of London’s Award for Innovation, Tata Varsity Pitch 2019 and Santander Entrepreneur of the Year 2019. And Chip[s]Board, a company creating bioplastics for the design sector globally.

Applications to join the CRL Accelerator programme close at midnight on the 14th of March.

Idling Action in Hounslow

Motorists who leave their engine running while parked-up are being urged to switch their engine off, at every stop, as part of a campaign launched this week to encourage drivers to stop ‘idling’.

Research shows long-term exposure to poor air quality has been proven to lead to asthma, lung disease, heart disease, restricted lung development in the young, and costs the NHS and the economy billions every year.

It is estimated that long-term exposure to air pollution contributed to the deaths of more than 4,000 Londoners in 2019 alone.

During the first lockdown last year, pollution in Hounslow reduced by 20 per cent, however, this figure will increase when the lockdown measures are eased.

Help do your bit to keep Hounslow air clean by cycling or walking where possible.

Please click here for an update from John Coles when we are all able to safely travel further than the supermarket!
What You Do Not See
What does it mean to live with a disability you cannot see?
Images left to right: Aminder Virdee, still from KaleidoSkeleton Ti - The Desi Cyborg; Hannah Laycock, Brainfog, from the Perceiving Identity series; Christopher Samuel Vacancies from the Unseen Project.
This new exhibition from the Creative People and Places Hounslow Visual Arts Programme brings together the work of seven UK-based contemporary visual artists illuminating what it’s like to live with a hidden disability.
The exhibition has been curated in collaboration with members of the local community who devised the idea, and have selected the artists and works for the exhibition. The members of the group were inspired to create this exhibition by their own experiences of hidden disability, for example, as a disabled person, or as a carer. The exhibition aims to challenge assumptions of what people with differing abilities can (or can’t) do and to promote a more inclusive culture across Hounslow and beyond.
The artists included in this exhibition each use their personal stories to show what it’s really like to live with a hidden disability from different perspectives, including the social, physical and cultural impact on their day to day lives.
The works in the exhibition include a pair of photographs by Hannah Laycock which reflect on the artist’s experiences of being diagnosed and living with Multiple Sclerosis; text and photographic works by Christopher Samuel that expose the challenges of physical and cultural access to public spaces; and a series of graphics by Luca M Damiani that use a multi-layered approach to communicate the physical and mental effects of an auditory condition called Hyperacusis. Dolly Sen’s prescription works show the different experiences of the health service, while Leo Wight’s photographs explore autism as a queer man. Aminder Virdee’s vivid, immersive video work and stills are created from code, personal medical archives, biodata, and lifelong lived experience, to centre autonomy, subvert the medical and diagnostic gaze, and honour the neurodivergent act of stimming as a valid form of sensorial communication. Lizzy Rose’s video work follows a fictional narrative spoken by a teenage sperm whale blogging about her chronic nausea, linking themes of chronic illness, the culture of online communities, narrative storytelling, and humour.

The exhibition will be launched online on 18 March 2021. A touring exhibition to be displayed at London Borough of Hounslow Libraries will follow later in 2021 and tour throughout 2022. The exhibition will be accompanied by a printed and free-to-download publication and a series of meet the artist events both online and in Hounslow Libraries.
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