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To: MMA Member Companies

Subject: Update — MMA Personal Protection Equipment Request

First, thank you for your quick response to our request for help when the state’s Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division of State Police provided us the list of needed products last Wednesday night. The response has been overwhelming with over 200 companies offering their products and manufacturing capacity.

Here is the update. We have compiled a list of every company that responded to us and have been providing updated lists daily to the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC). They are in triage mode with the priority of finding products, particularly the N95 masks, that are immediately available. Those companies have likely heard back directly from the SEOC.

The next steps are evolving. To effectively develop a product supply chain and more formal purchasing processes, SEOC is working with the Department of Technology and Management and Budget (DTMB) to establish design specifications. They are relying on the Michigan National Guard and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to develop the design specifications. My understanding is they are close to completing their work.

We have also coordinated with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation — Michigan Pure Business Connect (MEDC), sharing our list with them. They are also developing a list, and with our help have shared their list with SEOC. We encourage all of you to also register on the MEDC list so we can compile a unified list and stay coordinated with the various state efforts going forward. The MEDC established a portal to register both demand and supply side entities. Here is the link:

The release of design specifications and purchasing processes from SEOC, DTMB and the MEDC will help us all unleash the adaptive power of the manufacturing sector. We are working with the state to help develop that process. We will keep you informed as it develops.

Know that we are working every day with the state to help harness your manufacturing capacity. With patience and perseverance, we will take on this crisis.

With echoes of World War II, I am convinced the arsenal of democracy is alive and well in Michigan. I am personally heartened by the outpouring of support as my wife and daughter are both nurses.

Thank you.


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