Update #29
COVID-19 Emergency
April 11, 2020 - 7:30 pm
No Change in Reported Cases Today

Special City Council Meeting Set for April 16

Faith-Based and Non-Profit Organizations Eligible For SBA Assistance

Make Your Appointment for a COVID-19 Test,
Drive-Thru Event Set for Big Bear Lake on April 17

Happy Easter from the City of Big Bear Lake!
No Update Will Be Issued Tomorrow
The City of Big Bear Lake is working hard to ensure that the residents, second home owners, investors, businesses, and visitors in our community have the correct information about the status of COVID-19 threats in Big Bear Lake and the City's response to these threats.

This email newsletter is the official guidance from the City of Big Bear Lake, and the City appreciates everyone's adherence to the restrictions and recommendations outlined herein. This email newsletter also serves as the City's official press release regarding the City's COVID-19 response, and press inquiries may be directed to Frank A. Rush, Jr., City Manager, at 909-866-5832 or via email.
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San Bernardino County has not reported any new data today. As such, there remain a total of 3 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the City of Big Bear Lake and 2 confirmed cases in the Big Bear City area. HIPAA requirements prohibit the release of additional information about the patients or their specific location.

As of 5 pm yesterday, there were a total of 810 confirmed cases in San Bernardino County. A total of 7,877 tests have been administered thus far in the County, and approximately 10.3% of those tested have been positive for COVID-19. Sadly, a total of 25 people have died from COVID-19 in San Bernardino County. This data is updated daily at the County's COVID-19 dashboard, and the City encourages everyone to view this site for the most accurate information.
The City Council will conduct a special meeting on Thursday, April 16 at 10 am via the ZOOM online platform and via a telephone call-in number.

The purpose of the meeting is for City Council to receive an update on COVID-19 issues in the City of Big Bear Lake, discuss potential assistance for the lodging and vacation rental industry, and consider any other helpful actions to promote public health and safety, and also the City's eventual economic recovery. Additional information will be available later this week, including instructions for the public to share comments with the City Council before and during the meeting.
The US Small Business Administration has issued clarifying guidance that faith-b ased and non-profit organizations impacted by COVID-19 are eligible to participate in the Paycheck Protection Program and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan program . Faith-based organizations are eligible, without restrictions based on their religious identity or activities, to the extent they meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the Federal CARES Act that was recent passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump.

The Paycheck Protection Program is designed to keep small business workers employed and provide small businesses with capital through the nation’s banks and other lending institutions, with support from the SBA. The Paycheck Protection Program’s maximum loan amount is $10 million with a fixed 1% interest rate and maturity of two years. SBA will forgive the portion of loan proceeds used for payroll costs and other designated operating expenses for up to eight weeks provided at least 75% of loan proceeds are used for payroll costs. The Economic Injury Disaster Loan program provides qualifying small businesses with working capital up to $2 million with low interest rates and terms extending up to 30 years.

Big Bear Lake faith-based and non-profit organizations are encouraged to visit the Orange County / Inland Empire SBA website, located here, to learn more. The Big Bear Chamber of Commerce is available to assist the Big Bear community with SBA assistance, and Christine Bennett, Senior Administrative Services Analyst for the City of Big Bear Lake, is also available to provide assistance. Please contact Christine at (909) 866-5831, and she will be happy to help!
The City and San Bernardino County are pleased to host a drive-thru COVID-19 testing event in Big Bear Lake on Friday, April 17 from 10 am - 2 pm.

The testing event will be held at the Big Bear Mountain Resorts parking lot on Fox Farm Road, adjacent to Bear Valley Community Hospital, and tests will be administered by appointment only. The testing event is limited to residents of the mountain communities only, and there are several other testing events scheduled for residents in other areas of San Bernardino County over the next few weeks.

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, including fever, cough, and shortness of breath, please make an appointment to be tested. Appointments can be scheduled by clicking here when the appointment portal opens next week. County public health officials expect to collect and test specimens from approximately 350 individuals at the Big Bear Lake event.

The testing event will be coordinated so that you don't need to leave your vehicle. In order to promote efficient traffic flow all vehicles will be directed to access the drive-thru test site on Fox Farm Road from Big Bear Boulevard on the day of the testing event.

Additional information will be included in future City COVID-19 updates this week.
All of us at the City of Big Bear Lake wish you and your family a Happy Easter, and encourage everyone to spend this special day reflecting on the blessings in your life! Although recent weeks have been challenging, and these challenges are expected to continue for the foreseeable future, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and if we remain vigilant we will all get through this together!

In recognition of the Easter holiday, the City will not produce a COVID-19 update on April 12 - unless significant developments warrant the community's immediate notification, in which case a special update will be distributed. Absent significant developments on Easter Sunday, the City's next update will be distributed on Monday, April 13.
The 2020 Census is now underway, and the City of Big Bear Lake needs your help to make sure all of us in Big Bear Lake are counted! An accurate census count makes a huge difference in the amount of Federal and State funding distributed to California, San Bernardino County, and Big Bear Lake, and also determines how much representation we have in Sacramento and Washington, DC!

This year, it's SIMPLE to make sure you are counted - all you need to do is visit  https://2020census.gov/ and complete the short questionnaire. We're only looking for about 10 minutes of your time, and you can even complete it on your smartphone - it's that easy! If you are a permanent resident of Big Bear Lake OR if you are a second homeowner in Big Bear Lake who spends more than 6 months and 1 day per year at your home in Big Bear Lake, PLEASE take the time to complete the questionnaire.

All responses are confidential, and thus far only about 2% of Big Bear Lake's population has responded. We need to change that, as now more than ever, it's important to make sure you and your family are counted! Please take some time while you're home during the COVID-19 emergency and help us maximize the funding allocated to our community and maximize our representation - so that we can do the best possible job serving you!
The City and San Bernardino County continue to discourage visitors from traveling up the mountain for snow play activities. Governor Newsom has issued a "shelter in place" order across the entire State of California, and everyone should remain sheltered in their home community. Traveling for snow play is obviously not an essential activity.

In Big Bear Lake, both ski resorts are closed, both commercial snow play areas are closed, and no one should be engaging in snow play at any location other than your own property. All public parking lots and on-street public parking spaces in the City of Big Bear Lake are closed, and City enforcement staff will actively ticket and tow vehicles parked illegally on City streets.

Thank you for your cooperation, and for respecting the need to keep our residents safe!
There are many resources available to local businesses impacted by COVID-19 and in need of financial assistance. Some of the most helpful sources are listed below.

  • The US Small Business Administration is administering several programs designed to assist businesses impacted by the COVID-19 emergency. To visit the Orange County / Inland Empire SBA office, please click here.

  • USDA Rural Development also offers programs that may be helpful to Big Bear businesses, and you can learn more about their programs here.

  • The San Bernardino County Economic Development Agency is also an excellent local resource for Big Bear businesses, offering information, webinars, and assistance. To learn more, please click here.

  • The Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development (California Go-Biz) includes information about various programs available to assist small business, including assistance for California businesses that are not eligible for SBA programs. To learn more, please visit their website.

  • Accountingprose, a small business bookkeeping and payroll service with offices in Phoenix and Denver, has prepared an excellent summary of the various Federal and private sector programs offering assistance to small businesses. To learn more, please click here, and be sure to click on the various tabs at the top of the page, as there are numerous programs available.

The Big Bear Chamber of Commerce and the City of Big Bear Lake are happy to assist our local businesses seeking assistance during the COVID-19 crisis. The City's point person for business assistance is Christine Bennett , Senior Administrative Services Analyst. Please contact Christine at (909) 866-5831, and she will be happy to help!
The City of Big Bear Lake has implemented various public health recommendations and restrictions for the past several weeks, and continues to do so.

The City encourages everyone to heed the following recommendations:

  • diligently honor the Governor's order to "shelter in place",

  • limit your interactions with others to the maximum extent practical,

  • plan your essential trips out accordingly, and limit the number of trips to the grocery store, drug store, etc.,

  • keep at least 6 feet of distance between you and others you come into contact with,

  • wash your hands ALL THE TIME,

  • if you need to get outside, take a walk, go for a run, take a bike ride, or go on a hike by yourself or with your family - but stay far way from others!

The following key restrictions remain in effect in Big Bear Lake:
  • everyone in Big Bear Lake is directed to "shelter in place", especially those age 65 and older and those who are especially vulnerable to COVID-19, however, travel is permitted for work and to conduct personal business,

  • face coverings must be worn when you are interacting with others out in the community,

  • grocery stores, drug stores, and other essential retail and service businesses may operate,

  • construction and repair activities may continue,

  • bars, nightclubs, movie theaters, gyms, bowling alleys, ski areas, snow play areas, and other similar businesses may not operate,

  • restaurants are closed for in-restaurant seated dining, however, take-out and delivery services are permitted,

  • lodging and vacation rentals may no longer operate, except for very limited situations,

  • non-essential group gatherings of any size are prohibited, including commercial establishments, churches, community groups, and other formal and informal group activities,

  • snow play is not permitted, except on your own property,

  • isolated, outdoor exercise is permitted, including walking your dog, and

  • City parks (for pedestrian access, no parking available) and the Alpine Pedal Path remain open, however, these facilities should be enjoyed by yourself, with your small family group, and users should avoid close contact with others.
The San Bernardino County Department of Public Health operates a COVID-19 Hotline for residents with questions about COVID-19. Please call (909) 387-3911 for assistance.
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