The Province announced last Friday, that "effective Saturday April 4
th , at 11:59 p.m. all industrial construction except critical projects will be halted ."
The formal announcement also advises that no new residential construction can commence if the construction starts after April 4, 2020. However, It does go on to say that only essential infrastructure projects such as hospitals, transit and transportation can continue.
What this means for City Construction Projects?
  • F&PM construction projects including Churchill Meadows and other renovation and lifecycle renewal projects will be stopped until further notice.
  • City Centre Transit Terminal renovations and Malton Transit addition project can continue as Transit projects have been exempt from the list.
  • Parks construction projects including new Parks and amenities, renovations and renewals of park facilities (i.e. playgrounds) will be stopped until further notice.
  • T&W maintenance activities in WOM and IPE capital projects will continue at this time. However, T&W will be reviewing their activities and projects to determine which ones are absolutely critical and must proceed and which ones they want to defer to a later date.
What this means for HuLRT?  
  • Mobilinx will need to confirm but based on the Provincial wording, transportation projects are exempt including the HuLRT project.  
What this means for Developer Construction Projects?
  • Residential Projects that have been issued a footing permit and above grade structural permit for single family, semis, townhomes and condos can continue.
  • Renovations and construction work to residential properties started before April 4, 2020 can continue.
  • The revised Provincial announcement does not significantly impact the overall construction activity in Mississauga. For high rise residential, as an example, conditional building permits issued in 2017- 2019 will remain active, which is a considerable amount of development. The new regulations will not have an impact to the application review and plans examination