September 21st 2020
Adult Halloween Update: Season 2020
Dear Campers,

We're THRILLED at the feedback from campers about Kid's Halloween weekend!

Families enjoyed the photo booth, scarecrow building, Monster Mash dance, golf cart parade, My Happy Place mugs full of cocoa and apple cider and the Toasty Cheese Truck! We're sorry that there was a wait and that at some point they ran out of select items. We had NO way of knowing how well the food truck would be recieved by our campers, needless to say there was enthusiasm all around.

The food truck concept is something we've never offered but we felt like it was necessary to take a chance and offer something new.

You might wonder, 'what chance is there?" Well, Fish Lake has to guarantee a minimum sales revenue for the food truck or it wont make sense for them to come out, pay staff, stock fresh food and so on. If the turnout was less than needed to make their minimum, WE would have to make up the minimum. So, we appreciate your ethusiasm and patronage of the food truck and by doing so, it gives us the confidence to try having another truck come out this weekend. By the way, we do not make money on their sales.

The owners of Toasty Cheese send their appreciation as well and committed to having more product on hand to serve our campers along with an extra staff member to cook and serve this weekend on their other truck, the BEST TRUCKIN' BBQ!

Here is the line up of activities for the Adult Halloween weekend:

September 26th
Halloween Decorated Golf Cart Parade

Halloween Craft

Family Bingo

Adult Bags Tournament

Fall Photo Booth

Karaoke, Hosted by Jon & Brian

A full activity schedule with times & details will be published on Facebook and weekly newsletter. 
Please don't hesitate to contact us at 847-546-2228 or at Thank you again for your support during this unprecedented season. 

YC, Randy, Desiree, Christi & The Fish Lake Staff

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Adult Halloween Update: Season 2020