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I want to share good news with you regarding our best offer of the year plus share a word of encouragement if you are thinking that there are no qualified applicants looking to rent this time of year. First our best offer of the year!

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SNIOPED - Susceptible to the Negative Influence of Other People.

Lots of landlord believe they cannot rent or sell a home during the holiday season. For years I have been trying to help folks eliminate this false concept and fear. We rent homes every day of the year except Christmas Day because we’re closed.
Today’s proof: our November applications are still coming in, same as any other month. AND we rented a home the day before Thanksgiving. AND another home the day after Thanksgiving.

The first to someone moving here for a new job which starts January 2, wanted to lock in the home with time to move and get settled, and the second to someone who must be out of their home December 1 because the landlord is moving back in. I understand a 6 foot snowfall might slow things down a bit but I have to believe people in that area are still signing leases. - Brad (IN)

Thanks Brad (IN) for challenging us not to give in to the negative thoughts of the times (or even our own negative thinking:)

To read more of how Brad and other landlords are finding qualified applicants during this time of the year and to ask questions directly to those landlords or share your comments, click now to join the Don’t Be SNIOPED discussion.

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We appreciate that you continue to allow us to add to your real estate success. 
Always make the most of the assets God gives you!

And to Him and His love, mercy and grace, I am continually thankful!
Jeffrey Taylor
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