Dear Neighbors, Friends and Supporters,

It is with a heavy heart that I share our efforts to transform the St. Rita’s school buildings have officially come to an end. On June 30th, the Board of Appeals issued its written opinion, finding that while our vision for a community care center met all standards for approval at this location, language in Baltimore County’s zoning code related to this use made it impossible for them to grant the Special Exception required to move forward. As a result, the Archdiocese has elected to terminate our contract of sale effective immediately.

“. . . the proposed use at the St. Rita's abandoned school building and Parish Hall meets the standard for a Special Exception and . . . the effects of the use at this location are no more detrimental than those normally associated with the use elsewhere in the zone, and the proposed site is a better location according to much of the testimony. Nevertheless, the definition in the zoning regulation defies satisfaction and to be functional must be legislatively amended or given effect by an authority higher than this Board.”

-Baltimore County Board of Appeals

While we are profoundly disappointed with this outcome, we know that our work with families and children to interrupt generational cycles of violence is more urgent and necessary now than it has ever been. As the volume of those in need of our services in Baltimore County and across the country continues to exceed crisis levels, we also continue to face systemic shortages in the long-term housing and supports that allow survivors and their children to regain independence, put roots down in strong communities and rebuild their lives.

Our future depends on the health and development of our children – and our collective commitment to supporting those among us who need a helping hand. We know that there is no better foundation for healing and growth than strong and compassionate communities like ours here in Dundalk. Rest assured, this temporary setback will not deter our work to identify and secure long-term housing resources for survivors of domestic violence.

I hope you will continue to support our work with families to provide the next generation with hope for a brighter, safer, and stronger future. We - and they - need you now, more than ever.


Baltimore County Domestic Violence Hotline