2020 Boston Local Food Festival Cancelled
Dear Members and Friends,

It is with great disappointment that we bring news of canceling the Boston Local Food Festival this year. Amidst ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 spikes in the fall, the health and well-being of our vendors, attendees, and staff has been a critical factor in this decision.

The Food Festival is a standout event of SBN’s programming and has been running for 10 consecutive years. In addition to being a beloved tradition by so many, it is an important confluence for consumers to support New England farms and local businesses. In order to ensure the safety of all, the changes needed to be implemented for a physical event this September would have detracted from the overall mission of the festival, which encourages a spirit of coming together in the support of New England’s local food system. We eagerly wait for the days when we can convene in groups again, and look forward to a time in the following year when the festival will signify a celebration, not only of local food, but of making it through these dark and difficult times. All vendors who have signed up for the festival will be issued a full refund in the coming days.

We are, however, excited to let you know that our fourth annual Eat Local MA campaign has been expanded from August through September this year. The campaign includes a number of online purchasing opportunities and virtual events that aim to increase marketing exposure for local food businesses during the economic crisis, encourage restaurants to source from local farms and fisheries, and incentivize consumers to purchase more food that is grown and harvested in Massachusetts and greater New England. 

Starting in August, the campaign will feature the launch of the “Eat Local MA” Mobile App , where eaters can find local food in their area and win prizes for purchasing locally sourced food. Food producers and restaurants can sign up here to participate, and the app will be available for download mid-July, so stay tuned!

With hopes for a healthy and compassionate future,
Elena Klonoski
Local Food Program Manager, SBN

Laury Hammel
Executive Director, SBN
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