Gov ernor Tom Wolf extended Pennsylvania’s State-Wide Stay-At-Home Order until at least May 8 th – BUT – also announced that on the date the order is lifted (which could be as early as May 8 th ) “limited” residential and non-residential construction activities will be permitted as authorized by the Governor’s and Secretary of Health’s April 20, 2020 amendments to their business closure orders and in strict compliance with the Administration’s guidance. 

Projects permitted to resume on May 8 th will be expected to follow the State’s social distancing rules and safety guidance. We will keep you posted on any additional information on this important update, which we expect may be forthcoming over the next few days.

The Governor’s announcement could provide relief where force majeure clauses have been invoked due to the work stoppage order. However, if work commences at a pace slower than usual due to new social distancing and safety rules, a claim for force majeure delay may still viable.

Click here for the Secretary of Health’s Work Safety Order.
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