Update: Encampment on S. Oceanside Blvd.
In February 2021, an organized encampment began on South Oceanside Boulevard. The camp grew significantly in a short time, creating a public safety concern and prompting complaints from businesses and an increase in calls for service pertaining to medical needs and crime.

On April 7, 2021, the City Council approved an emergency hotel voucher program while the City establishes a permanent shelter with wrap-around services. On April 8, the Oceanside Police Department notified the encampment residents about supportive services and that the encampment would be removed after a minimum of 48 hours notice.

On April 13, the Homeless Outreach Teams, along with Housing staff and Social Workers, visited the site to enroll people in services and to began to transport them to a hotel with case management, mental health support, and help in transitioning to permanent housing.

28 people participated in the initial hotel voucher program. Three people were referred to the Exodus Whole Person Wellness program and three were connected with Cal Fresh. At days end, there were nine individuals who remained camped because current capacity in the program was reached. It is anticipated that an additional block of ten rooms will be available within a week, and those remaining people waitlisted will be offered those accommodations. 

Participants have reported positive feedback. They are grateful for a warm shower, bed, and food. Multiple agencies and partners are working together to provide services on site.

While it's the City's goal to assist every homeless resident, the community impacts caused by encampments are significant, and staff across nearly every department are working on multi-pronged solutions.
What else is the City doing?
Permanent Homeless Shelter Coming
Oceanside is opening a transitional homeless shelter with wrap-around day services to help people obtain stability and help transition them into permanent housing. Proposals from shelter operators are due shortly, and we anticipate the selection of a shelter operator in June 2021. The City also funds emergency shelters through its participation in the Alliance for Regional Solutions. There are currently two emergency shelters in Oceanside for special populations: the Women's Resource Center has beds for female victims of domestic violence and the YMCA has beds for transition aged youth.
Family Reunification Program
Oceanside provides a Reunification Program to help people reconnect with friends and family. Staff communicate with all parties to ensure stable accommodations are available, and then assist in travel expenses, if needed. In 2020, ten people were reunited with their families. Measure X helps fund this program.
Housing Vouchers
Oceanside sets aside housing vouchers for seniors, veterans, families, and people with disabilities who are experiencing homelessness. More info in English and Spanish.

Additionally, landlords can earn incentives by offering rental units for voucher participants.

Two Police Homeless Outreach Teams
Oceanside has two Homeless Outreach Teams (HOT) that travel with social workers to provide assistance to people experiencing homelessness. Often, it takes many approaches before an individual will accept help.  In the last half of 2020, the HOT made 559 contacts and assisted 339 people with services. Measure X helps fund the efforts.
Bridge Housing
Oceanside employs Bridge Housing to shelter people with a plan to move towards permanent housing. Bridge housing temporary housing that has service-enriched programs aimed to quickly bring homeless Oceanside residents off the streets and help them rebuild their lives. In 2020, the City moved 62 homeless residents into Bridge Housing, with 43 moving into permanent housing. Measure X funding helps fund this critical effort.
New Sobering Services Center
Oceanside recently opened a Sobering Services Center, a place that Police can bring those under the influence that provides a warm, safe place to sleep. The next day, they are counseled and offered resources. Measure X funds this new facility.
There are many caring residents in our remarkable community that want to help. This complex topic cannot be solved by one entity alone. We invite everyone to become involved to improve the lives of others. Whether it's giving time, expertise, or donations, there are many ways to become involved: Ways to Help

For more information on the challenge of homelessness, please visit the City website.

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