From President Frank H. Wu:

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced earlier today that “SUNY and CUNY will require vaccinations for all in-person students beginning Fall 2021.” As we are all aware, even before this mandate there had been a significant increase in efforts on the part of New York City and State to lift COVID-19 restrictions as opportunities for vaccination increase and the number of cases of COVID-19 continues to decrease. This statement by the governor can positively impact our efforts to reopen campus safely. We will continue to share details candidly and clearly.
In accordance with the state announcements and our aspiration to return as much as possible to normalcy, Queens College will be making revisions to the current Fall 2021 schedule to add/convert more courses to a hybrid model. We will continue to aim towards additional in-person and hybrid opportunities consistent with safety guidelines. We will have information about revised schedule offerings in the near future. 
Hybrid courses include courses in the following five formats:
  1. courses that will meet mostly in person, with at least the first class online
  2. courses where some sessions will be on campus (conducted with the required level of physical distancing and masking), and some sessions will be online (synchronous or asynchronous)
  3. courses that will have in-person exams but otherwise meet online
  4. courses that require in-person experiences that will take place off campus (student teaching, internships, fieldtrips, etc.)
  5. courses that will require a visit to campus to pick up or return materials.
Please note that all courses will conduct the first class session online so instructors can discuss safety protocols and explain how the class will be conducted for the semester. If a rise in coronavirus cases or other circumstances should necessitate a move to fully online learning, we will know at the start of the semester if students in each course have the necessary access to learn remotely.
A number of courses will remain fully online, either with synchronous online sessions, which meet for class sessions in real time at the specified days and times, or asynchronous online sessions, which do not have regular online class sessions.
The remainder of the spring semester and summer sessions will take place in primarily an online format, except where it has been noted. If you are coming to campus at this time, you must continue to use the Proxyclick and Everbridge apps to arrange your visits. Face masks must be worn on campus and distancing guidelines followed. The college maintains its coronavirus case reporting system so we can be prepared to address new cases, if necessary. We are thankful for the the care and concern of all in our community and to those who have implemented our rigorous cleaning protocols.  
Please be reminded that we are holding virtual briefings to discuss fall plans with the campus community. The next two scheduled meetings will take place on Thursday, May 13 from 5 to 6 pm (registration closes May 12 at 4 pm) and Friday, May 21 from 11 am to 12 noon (registration closes May 20 at 10 am). Register for a session at A set of listening sessions will also be scheduled, to hear from you about concerns regarding returning to campus life. Issues such as ventilation and hygiene will be on the agenda at both the briefings and the listening sessions. We have noted all feedback communicated to us about specific areas in buildings on campus. Our physical facilities team has been addressing needs even while most of us have been away.

We will continue to follow scientifically based recommendations and public health guidelines while we make these adjustments. Across the world, vaccination programs have allowed people to glimpse a return to pre-pandemic lifestyle, though much caution is still needed as COVID-19 has not been eradicated. As we emerge from the pandemic, we are committed to doing so safely with an emphasis on what is needed, especially by students. I want to express appreciation to all for your resilience and adaptation.

Allow me to close on a personal note. I have served as your president for just shy of a year. You likely have heard me say already that I am, like many of you, a child of immigrants whose life was made possible by higher education. I also am like you in being vulnerable during the pandemic and feeling frustrated by the rules and the uncertainty.
Yet I am given hope, as so many of us are, by the series of positive developments. Our wishes to see one another soon on our beautiful campus move that much closer to becoming a reality. I can’t wait to meet you, soon and safely. We have so much to do, together. 
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