May 25, 2018

Update:Governor Vetoes Bill with 7% Funding

Thank you for your efforts to stop the 7% funding cut. We are forwarding the e-mail below from Best Life Alliance that summarizes recent developments on this issue:

Good Afternoon Best Life Alliance Supporters:
As you may have already heard, Governor Dayton vetoed the Omnibus Supplemental Spending Bill, which included money to temporarily stop the 7% cut.
First and foremost, while this is a hugely disappointing ending to the legislative session this is not due to the lack of activity from our dedicated grassroots advocates. We were able to successfully move ourselves to the top of the "must do" list in both the House and Senate and were included in the final compromise offer from Governor Dayton. It is truly because of the grassroots work that you all did that got us there and will give us a strong starting point going into the next legislative session.
The Omnibus Supplemental Spending Bill was a total of 990 pages and contained financial and policy language from every aspect of government. It was for reasons un-related to the 7% issue that the bill was vetoed.
The Best Life Alliance was founded around a singular mission, supporting legislation that supports Home and Community Based Services that serve people with disabilities and the Direct Support Professional workforce. While this veto is a set-back that will have very significant ramifications for many people across the state, it is not the end of our advocacy. We are committed to continuing to work this summer and fall, leading into the next legislative session, to find ways to address the 7% cut and work to secure additional legislative changes to continue to strengthen community based services in the future.
Thank you again for all you did this session, your voice truly did make a difference.

Wishing you a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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