It's the City's goal to assist homeless residents, while also mitigating the community impacts caused by encampments; staff across nearly every City department are working on multi-pronged efforts to find long-term solutions.

Several significant projects will soon be making a bigger impact:
Permanent Homeless Shelter Opening Soon
Oceanside is opening a 50-bed, year-round homeless shelter with wrap-around day services to help people obtain stability and help transition them into permanent housing. The San Diego Rescue Mission will be the shelter operator. The City also funds emergency shelters through its participation in the Alliance for Regional Solutions.
60 Unit Supportive Housing Development for Homeless Veterans, Disabled People, and Families
In 2021, the Oceanside City Council committed $3.5 million and 59 section 8 housing vouchers towards a 60-unit affordable housing development. The project includes $6 million in state funds, along with private sector funding. On January 12, 2022, the City Council approved the funding plan.

50 studio apartments and nine one-bedroom apartments will provide permanent supportive housing for homeless Oceanside residents. Five of the units will be specifically for Veterans. 29 of the units will be set aside for adults with disabilities. Nine 1-bedroom apartments will house extremely low-income Oceanside families. One unit will house an on-site manager.

The residents will be provided with, and assertively encouraged to take advantage of, on-site supportive services. Construction of the complex is expected to be complete in 2024. More information
Bridge Housing Funded by Measure X
Oceanside employs Bridge Housing to shelter people with a plan to move towards permanent housing. Bridge housing is temporary housing that has service-enriched programs aimed to quickly bring homeless residents off the streets and help them rebuild their lives.
Motel Voucher Program Brings in People Immediately Off Streets
In April 2021, the City Council approved a motel voucher program to provide the ability for City Social Workers and Police to offer shelter to Oceanside residents living in encampments. Those staying in the hotel have an improved living situation, with sanitation facilities and meals. Participants are provided with wraparound services and assistance to help them develop a housing plan.

As of mid-May 2022, 63 people have been sheltered through the program this year. 198 people were sheltered in 2021. Since the start of this program about a year ago, 47% of those exiting the motel voucher program have moved into longer-term housing.
Police Homeless Outreach Team Funded by Measure X
Oceanside has two Homeless Outreach Teams (HOT) that travel with Social Workers to provide assistance to people experiencing homelessness. Often, it takes many approaches before an individual will accept help.  Measure X helps fund these efforts. More on the OPD HOT teams
Family Reunification Program Funded by Measure X
Oceanside provides a Reunification Program to help people reconnect with friends and family. Staff communicates with all parties to ensure stable accommodations are available and then assists in travel expenses if needed. Measure X helps fund this program.
Housing Vouchers
Oceanside sets aside housing vouchers for seniors, veterans, families, and people with disabilities who are experiencing homelessness. Additionally, landlords can earn incentives by offering rental units for voucher participants.

Oceanside Sobering Services Center Funded by Measure X
Oceanside opened a Sobering Services Center, a place that Police can bring those under the influence that provides a safe place to sleep. The next day, they are counseled and offered resources. This also allows Police Officers to get quickly back to the street instead of waiting for hours while the person is being admitted to a hospital. Measure X helps fund this operation.
There are many caring residents in our remarkable community that want to help. This complex issue cannot be solved by one entity alone. We invite everyone to become involved to improve the lives of others. Whether it's giving time, expertise, or donations, there are many ways to become involved: Ways to Help