Nestle Waters decides not to proceed with Spring Township Water Authority Well 2

The following email was received by ClearWater Conservancy's leadership this afternoon. We are passing on the email from Eric Andreus, P.G., Natural Resource Manager for Deer Park Natural Spring Water, Nestlé Waters North America Inc in its entirety. 
From: "Andreus,Eric,Breinigsville,NWNA T&P MID Springs"  
Date: April 16, 2018 at 4:30:55 PM EDT
Subject: Nestlé Waters project update

Good afternoon,
Over the past year, Nestlé Waters has revised the process of how we approach sourcing spring water. Guided by our new Siting Framework, we approached the Spring and Benner Township community much earlier in our due diligence process than we typically have in the past. At the same time, we continued to conduct our due diligence and water source evaluation.
We have spent the last few months in the early stages of our thorough scientific review to evaluate whether Spring Township Water Authority Well 2 had the potential to become a water source for our Deer Park® brand. As part of that review, we consider many factors, including the quality and taste of the water, what the science tells us about the hydrogeology and sustainability of the site, the local watershed, the logistics of transporting the product to the market, and much more. Our rigorous process means that we evaluate far more potential sources than we ever decide to use. The majority do not meet our needs.  At this point in the process of considering the source, we have decided not to proceed with STWA Well 2 and instead to continue to look for sources elsewhere. 
We sincerely appreciate that many people in the community welcomed us so warmly and embraced our proposed project. This support is one of many reasons that  Centre County remains a leading candidate in our search for a third Pennsylvania bottling factory location , with 50 jobs and an initial investment of $50 million.
We remain optimistic that we can find a source here in northern Centre County so that we can bring jobs and investment to the area in the near future.  We will continue to be available in our Centre County office and by phone and email, and we hope that residents who know about other potential spring sites we should consider will reach out to us.
Please feel free to reach out to me in the coming days and weeks. We remain hopeful that there will be another opportunity to do business in this community in the future, and I look forward to continuing to work with community leaders to make that happen.
Eric Andreus, P.G.
Natural Resource Manager
Deer Park Natural Spring Water
Nestlé Waters North America Inc.