Rebuilding lives, one extraordinary woman at a time.
Executive Director's Corner
Kari Whitacre
It’s been a tough year. As the pandemic drags on, the days are beginning to feel monotonous as we clock through the motions of our routines. It’s challenging to stay encouraged and to be encouraging to others when so much of what’s impacting us as people and as a program is out of our control. This mood hangs over the staff and residents alike, as I’m sure you and others around you may also be struggling in your own ways.

It’s from this place of surrender that an idea was sparked, and we began brainstorming ways for this season to feel less isolating. We came together and talked about the foods that bring us comfort. What is more comforting than comfort food, right? It was energizing to get out of our heads and plan a day together where we assembled beautiful and comforting gifts to give back to our community. We’re grateful for the faithful support we’ve received throughout these tough days, and we’re delighted to share these gifts with you, made with love and laughter here at Jubilee.

Gifts are available while supplies last, see information below for details.
Kelsey's Story of Determination
The moment a resident’s story starts with, “The second time I went to prison…” you know there’s a good measure of tenacity involved. She’s here and she made it through!

The first time Kelsey was released from prison, she went back to her old community. It wasn’t long before she fell into the same routines and ended up back inside. But even as she shares this, a twinkle is in her eye. “Someone turned me in for breaking parole,” she said. “And I’m not even mad about it. People tried to help me, and in hindsight, it was the best thing that could have happened.”

This time around, Kelsey knew she wanted to live differently. Something had to change, so she advocated for herself to receive treatment and education resources while in prison. She learned how her own choices and patterns of behavior were detrimental to herself and others, and she gained the confidence to forge a new path for herself.

Now Kelsey is out of prison, clean, and plugged into a new community at Jubilee that is supportive and empowering. She’s pursuing her love for the trades and is enrolled in an apprenticeship program specifically geared toward women.

Tenacity in the midst of a dark season feels like clawing toward a distant light. We see women working through this every day. It’s why we keep showing up. It’s why we ask you to show up.

These are the women and this is the work you support when you give to Jubilee.
Made with Love & Laughter
Find comfort in some delicious hot soup, warm spiced cider, or fresh-out-of the oven scones, assembled with love by the Jubilee Women’s Center residents and staff. 

Just add 1 or 2 additional ingredients, per instructions, to the ingredients provided.

Give $150 or more and receive a free gift, while supplies last.

When you give online, be sure to let us know which pre-assembled gift packet you'd like: Split Pea Soup, Lentil Soup, Cranberry Orange Scones, Cherry Almond Scones, or Mulling Spices.