Update: The Impact of COVID-19
#13 — May 5, 2020
Dominium has been focused on our business and operations during the pandemic crisis. As May opens, we will provide detailed information on rent collections. We will also continue to provide information that we have found useful in the work we are doing. We hope that our friends and partners in affordable housing find it helpful as well and will send other information our way as well. A collection of all previous updates can be found at  COVID-19 Impact Update .
Rent Collections
Dominium Rent Collection Report: Through May 3, 2020 we have collected 56% of charges for the month. This is down by (17%) when compared to April collections for the same date and down (4%) compared to the average of January - March collections. It is up 6% compared to November of 2019, the last month in which the 1st fell on a Friday.

Resident collections are higher for 43 properties, but lower for 164 properties. Total resident receipts are at 66.7%, which is down (5%) compared to April, up 2% compared to the January-March average, and up 9% compared to November of 2019.

Subsidy receipts are down (52%) compared to April collections by the 3rd but only down (3%) when compared to November of 2019.

Senior properties are 67% collected (down (21%) compared to April) whereas family collections are 54% collected (down (16%) compared to April).
Previous Dominium Rent Reports can be found here.

Dominium has been collecting information on April Rent Collections from others, which is summarized in the two charts here.

A survey of residents asking about their ability to pay was conducted by J Turner Research in the week of April 20 which received over 2,000 responses across the country. J Turner were able to ascertain information that will be helpful to owners and management companies in laying the groundwork for rental expectations for May.

Kingsley polled 25,000 renters living at multifamily properties regarding their sentiments concerning their ability to pay rent and their future rental plans. The report also offers insights to help real estate professionals meet residents’ needs and minimize the financial impact of the crisis.
Housing & Employment News
Other Interesting & Helpful Resources
Resident Resources

Freddie Mac offers a Renter Helpline , which provides counseling for renters on budgeting, credit improvement and debt management. The attached flyer is available in multiple languages.

HUD has put together a guide and FAQ for Renters during the Pandemic.
IRS Information on COVID-19 Checks 
Dominium Resident Resources by property
Information on filing for unemployment
In an attempt to share what we know and are doing during this crisis, we are publishing a set of periodic updates for our partners and friends in affordable housing. We likely will do this twice a week or as interesting events dictate. Please let us know if you would like to be removed from this list.

Thank you,
Paul Sween & Mark Moorhouse