Hi You Beautiful Hot Yogi's!

Good News Update:
We are so excited to announce our "Soft Re-opening" June 1st!

Before you begin please check our Newest schedule at
Please keep checking regularly - things may change.

Our Soft Opening Details
We'll start classes with Social Distancing for a short time with up to 9 students
per class. We're opening on June 1st - please stay posted
by checking our website Hot Yoga At Sunrise for our most up to date information.

In the meantime we're offering "drop-in, Free Yoga in the Park".
Classes are ongoing until we open the studio.
Meet at the amphitheater in the Fair Oaks Village Park
please come join us!
Please check our website Schedule for classes in the park.

Online class registration at the studio begins Monday June 1st.
If you'd like to start practicing with us
you can begin to sign into classes online now by using the MindBody app.
We're finding that the best option seems to be the MindBody app.
Please download (if you havn't already) search for Hot Yoga At Sunrise
and follow the directions.
Feel free to reach out to us if your having trouble by texting us at 916 631-7749

Gentle reminder: Please sign into class daily - not weekly,
to allow your fellow yogi's a chance to practice as well.

Remember things are changing daily and our timeline for re-opening may change as well.
Please be mindful - if we are delayed by any restrictions,
and can't open the studio as planned, we'll notify you and cancel your reservation
by sending you an email.

Class Video's Available online

If you are feeling uneasy to start yoga at the studio June 1st but would still like to
practice, we still have our video's online
Hot Yoga At Sunrise Videos please join us there as often as possible
or join us in person at the village park.

We are really missing our students and can't wait to see you
when classes begin!

In Love With Yoga; and each of you beautiful Hot Yogi's!

Bobby, Robin, Erin, Malissa, Patti, Melinda, Elise, Kerry, Jenna, Ursula and Beth

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