Deadline is close of business on Thursday.  About two days to go.  

And still no word on whether Gov. Baker will sign the new climate bill approved by the Legislature, a game-changer for Massachusetts that other states are sure to follow.  

"It seems hard to believe," begins the piece this morning in Commonwealth Magazine, "but several supporters of the sweeping legislation say they are hearing troubling reports coming out of the Baker administration as the clock winds down to the Thursday night deadline."  

The Senate passed its version on Jan. 30th.  The House passed its version on July 31st. So the Governor's people had months during which to propose amendments.  Yet no one said anything to us legislators until the last moment -- Dec. 30th.  Even then, we waited, but no requested changes came from the Governor.  How very odd. How convenient for them.

For those who haven't yet done so, or who wish to do so again, please use this link to ask Gov. Baker to sign the bill:

Here's to you and me and our efforts to fight climate change, and here's to hope.  

Senator Mike Barrett