To all our clients and friends:
We will be providing analysis of any packages passed in the coming days.  Contrary to news reports right now, nothing has passed yet. 
We must have time to go through it ourselves. We will try to provide details as we know them. 
This will potentially be the largest package in history. We will not know how it all works for days, maybe weeks. Don't take that as we won't know general overview, but more the nuts and bolts of how it will be implemented. The 2 Senate bills averaged 693 pages and the House bill was almost 1,200 pages and the final will likely be some combination of the two.
We know all of you are panicked about how you are going to stay in business, pay your employees or pay your own bills. Everyone is.
Help is coming, or it better be because Eric wasted 7 days reading legislation instead of doing tax returns. We all must weather this together or panic will set in. Please don't panic, please. 

Please don't be offended if we don't answer questions right away. Most will likely have the same questions. This is affecting all of us!! Including this Firm. We will be here for you as we always have been and give you the best advice we can. We know this is affecting each of us, so our advice will likely be the same for most of you. 

Sit tight we are here and will inform you as we are informed. 
Stay safe, please!!!


Eric & Brett 

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