March 13, 2020
Update from Pastor Z regarding COVID-19
Dear Riversiders, 

Out of love and concern for each of you and all of us, we are agreeing with the folks that believe caution and proactivity are key in preventing the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and will be joining with most other organizations out there now saying that one of the best things we can do is socially distance ourselves. In that effort, Riverside will not be holding any Sunday activities on March 15. With a congregation of susceptible people we believe this is the wise and prudent choice. We will assess future Riverside activities early next week including Sunday morning activities in the weeks ahead.

Our primary means of communication will be electronic (email / / Facebook). We are also working to identify those who do not have access to technology in order to communicate with them via phone. If you know of church members who may not have received this communication, please help us by reaching out to them. 

While we are not gathering on Sunday, March 15 as a congregation, please hold our church and community in prayer. We will be sending additional Worship resources in our Saturday email. These will also be available on our website and Facebook page .

If you would like to speak about this, feel free to contact me.
Office: 904-355-4584, ext. 19 Cell: 618-606-1053

Let us seek ways to respond faithfully as we pray for protection and restoration of health. 


Pastor Conley Zomermaand