Dear Parish Family,

Do you have questions about the return of in-person worship at All Saints? While there are still many unknowns, please find below answers to some frequently-asked questions about this important topic. Also, we need your help! Please take our 1 minute survey about in-person worship at All Saints. Your responses will greatly help our planning.
When will All Saints return to in-person worship?
The actual date for our regathering has not yet been determined, but All Saints’ leadership is diligently preparing for that wonderful day. Our return to in-person worship will be multi-phased, in accordance with guidelines from federal and local governments, the CDC, and the Diocese of Washington. Specifically, we are following directives from Montgomery County and the Bishop of Washington.

Who will be able to attend in-person worship?
While all who are healthy and able to follow the mandatory protocols are welcome, those over 65 and the immune-compromised should check with their physicians before attending. Those who are ill, have a cough, or have a fever should not attend in-person, but are welcome to attend virtually.

What will our gatherings be like?
Joyful and spirit filled! Please note, however, that our initial re-gatherings will be for worship only. Unfortunately, other Sunday morning programming will not occur – this includes adult education, coffee hour, Kids’ Church, nursery care, and other Sunday morning programs.

What precautions will be necessary?
Worship leaders and worship participants will need to follow various protocols:

  • Use of masks for the entire time in the church building.

  • Use of hand sanitizer upon entrance to and exit from the building.

  • Limited seating capacity. Likely 50 people or fewer per service.

  • Physical distancing of six feet between household groups.

  • Sadly, no singing. Note that hymnals, Bibles, and prayer books will be removed from pews.

What about Eucharist/Holy Communion?
In accordance with Diocesan guidelines, we are developing a method to safely offer the Holy Sacrament. Wafers (no wine) will be offered individually at standing locations.

So what is the opening date?
Again, we are currently unable to provide a specific date for the return to in-person worship.

More questions?
Please feel free to contact Lois McDonald at with your questions or concerns.

We need to hear from you!
Please take the 1-minute survey below to tell us about your preferences and feelings about in-person worship at All Saints. Your responses will shape our planning.
We are here for you. If you need help,
please call (301) 654-2488.
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