Dear Parents,

I would like to answer some of the many questions we have received regarding the addition of the PE windsuit for grades K-8. We had hoped that this would be received as good news for parents and students, but in fact it has been met with mixed reviews and emails.

At this time, our students will most likely have PE classes every other day, alternating quarters, which is a slight increase in PE time for some grades. However, there are pricing and availability issues for the items that are school appropriate. Therefore, we have decided to make the windsuit optional but suggested for grades K-4, since these grade levels would not be changing for PE if this was a typical school year. If K - 4 girls wear their school uniforms for PE days, they would still be required to wear shorts under their jumpers.  

Many parents wrote yesterday inquiring about purchasing locally available Saint Brigid logo masks. I would like to offer a word of caution about identical masks. I am afraid of this causing confusion when a mask is "lost". If you decide to purchase these masks please make sure that your child's name is clearly marked on the inside. This pertains to all grade levels P - 8. A suggestion from a parent is to use the "Avery No Iron, Writeable Kids Clothing Label" which is washer and dryer safe. Regardless of the style/fabric of the mask you select for your children to wear, masks must be labeled to avoid any potential confusion in the Pod. We are also asking that each child bring an extra mask in their bookbag in case their original one for the day becomes soiled or lost.  

Thanks for your graciousness and patience as we work through all of the levels of decision making that will insure a safe and healthy environment for our students as we return to school.  

Kathy O'Reilly