June 6, 2020

Hello Class of 2020,

Administration has put much effort into preserving as much of your senior end of the year experiences as we could, in some way. When it comes to prom, it is complicated. Prom is indoors, there would be 300+ of you in one facility, and it is impossible to social distance in that space. We changed the date to July 1 hoping that would buy us time.  We even waited as long as we could to make a decision on whether that date would be viable, knowing it is up to the Governor. Although Governor Whitmer has moved southwest Detroit to Phase 4, we would need to be at Phase 6 by July 1 for prom to occur. The Roostertail is not planning to open by then. It hurts my heart to announce that your prom is canceled.

With that said, we are still planning for some form of a graduation ceremony on July 19 and hoping to give you one last celebration at Mercy before you leave school.

In Mercy,

Mercy High School Administration